Henry Lawson (1867-1922)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Henry Lawson

Kali meluncur dengan nyanyi tertegun,
Di bawah pohonan tinggi;
Air mengaruskan nyanyian lalu:
Keluh-kesah pohonan tinggi.

Meliku lewat keluh kesah dan nyanyi,
Melenggok ke bawah;
Mengitari kaki gunung yang tinggi
Dan lereng bukit jingga.

Mereka redup di rawa “Dosa-si-Mati”
Di mana lonceng melulung;
Tapi mereka serentak sampai di sungai
Dan di sana menghilang.

Dan kali hidup pun tak henti meliku,
Mengembara lalu;
Dan di atas arusnya mereka dukung selalu:
Nyanyian dan keluh.

Song and Complained
By Henry Lawson

River streams down with the singing of stupefied,
Under the high trees;
The water flows the singing of the past:
Lament of the high trees.

Bends through grievances and sing,
Sways down;
Rounds foot of high mountain
And slope of the hill of orange.

They dimmed on the swamp “Sin-of-the-Dead”
Where bell howls;
But they simultaneously arrived at the river
And disappeared over there.

And the river of life doesn’t ever stop to bend,
Then wander;
And on its current they support for always:
Chants and complained.

Henry Lawson (June 17, 1867 – September 2, 1922), the last poet in a period of time in Australian literature, begun with Henry Kendall (1839-1883). The period of the poets sang the difficulties faced by the pioneers, when the first time of tried to build that continent. In this life, Lawson has many followers, but none of them could match. His famous poem anthology is “Winnowed Verses”. (From the books “Puisi Dunia” (World Poetry), Volume II, compiled by M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka, 1953, which retranslated into English would be more or less like above).

Life forever, is marked by ability to resist any body’s suffering and psychic as well, there is at stake there.

Doubt attacked until it embraced tight to the painful so hard to the heart had been exceeded.

I interpret it along with pains, imbalance was held strong, until the thrill was standing upright.

Though it still have extremely wounds, let it dry and disappeared.

Or be forgotten by the motion of the word of strategy. Keep rise up despite of wind and heavy rain poured heavier ferociously.

Henry Lawson was staring and stunned at the river flow, his soul and body was clanking; floating on the height of water puddles of life.

To be fused and washed away and rotated at the side of stone before got far, there was waving tightness to splash the beating of waves in the depth of soft.

Naughty mind, medium, beside politeness, there are quickly changed color, settled for long time been old, the water holds all the feelings.

Insistently sorted out by the time off of awareness; through concentric split away, the emptiness was tasteless, to the shimmering of views.

The wind and the butterflies danced merrily in the spiritual joy that comforted on the values.

The mankind with the distance determined staring and path, the forehead wrinkles shake the head, falling and missed, hung the soul of searchers.

The awaking continued the step and turn in complained, bent to the possibility and surrounded the trees of memories towering highly.

He gave the lush of understanding on slopes of the hill of the orange heart.

Lawson painted a striping of the juxtaposed light of color, for the sake of the harmony of feeling or even the thinking.

Poetic language keeps (saves) the atmosphere to the end of irreplaceable time.

The necessity of birth’s purity is different, inhales but still one longing.

The song comprehension infiltrates isolated blemish to the base of ownership, to be torn when there are the side of coincidence.

Thus a sense of one another to complement everlasting songs, not as easy as previously thought, but there’s a miracle brought seriously to dig.

In dry swamps testimony struck a manner, the death spoke up, the essence was gone and left hidden by deafness.

Here, their abilities at close quarters with another destiny. Which keeps oscillates in the depths of soul would be up to the owner.

Similar like the present estimation, which is able to track the spacious, the atmosphere of grass field, felt the young freshness of the maturity of understood;

it would be nice to be there, and it is nonsense that ignores to all.

Thus blowing of the universe followed the most spacious distance, without any suspicion to the other than interpreting each other.

Stage by stage, level by level, the doubt is crammed by the passion torn by harmonious; the sweat of healing evaporates warm.

Innocence and also fear came out to interpret the presence of benefit, then the maturity did not hesitate to be marked by the wanderer.

The boiled up large currents to support complaints incarnated to be the singing of longing, not restrained to visit.

Life was not suspected from the stomach tired, and the place of the treasury.

Lawson, those are my interpretation to your poem; our bodies are same slim bonding in the wind strokes like the brush.

Our eyelashes were blinked blowing the hot coffee, then the spirit is flared up significantly.


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