Sue Responsibility of Authorship of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri (I)

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


This paper is a response to the essay of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri entitled Sajak dan Pertanggungjawaban Penyair; his cultural oration at the Pekan Presiden Penyair, published by Republika, September, 9, 2007. In the writing, Tardji stated that text of Sumpah Pemuda is poetry, which is based on the schools of Ibn Arabi, kun fayakun, then he developed the following phrases:

Peran penyair menjadi unik, karena—sebagaimana Tuhan tidak bisa dimintakan pertanggunganjawaban atas ciptaannya, atas mimpinya, atas imajinasinya— secara ekstrim boleh dikatakan penyair tidak bisa dimintakan pertanggungjawaban atas ciptaannya, atas puisinya.” (The role of poet becomes unique, because – as the God could not be requested the responsibility of His creation, of His dream, of His imagination – extremely we may say that the poet can not be asked the responsibility of his creation, of his poetry.)”

Continued to his understanding about the verses of the Qur’an; 26, Asy Syu’ara, but he does not mention the verse (verse 225-227, at the end), and it is not supported by asbabun nuzul, then it seemed that it just a subterfuge until it became lewar (inappropriate) from the understanding of the masters of tafsir. Finally, Presiden Penyair (the President of the Poet) closed with unen-unen (phrase) of U.S. President John F. Kennedy: “If politics crooked the poetry will straighten.” With the final stressing point: “But, of course, it only applies to politicians who have the responsibility and sensitivity to the aspirations of the nation’s conscience often reflected into good, pithy, and quality poems from the poet.”


Before I propagated far, please introduce myself, I am the wanderer. Sometimes I said that I am the authors but there is laughing at, hence it is sufficient that I am the wanderer. But I believe, this would thrill soul’s joints of every reader, as I was thrilled to answer the inappropriate understanding.

The poet doesn’t the child down of the holy book, and oaths are scattered on the earth. The poet is no more but same as most professions, the person who bears his fate, doesn’t noble than the patient angler, and doesn’t nobler than hawkers. Especially in a nation that desperately needs the hands of the resistance, by the feet of ruler who is imperializing.

The poet is not a spiritual principal derivative, moreover descent of the prophets. Distinctly, he loves the language sincerely and ready to responsible for any his acts (his words) also the range of his life such as the human being that are responsible to the others as well as to the one God, when he is held for his responsibility.

He supposes to appear avowedly when revealing the contents of his soul and without any shield of the verses or sentences of predecessors but just as greeting. If only he had been understood all content of the holy book, the reflection of his writing would have described-all about the values he knows. With other colors it reflects that he has prefect with the whole matters of the life, plus the power of speech of his experience.

He must show the distinguishing spirit. At there, the stars identified with the degree of its brightness. Each star has a shaft depends on the God, its faith. Thus the prophet was given the privilege also the whole human kind had a duty of each; there is none higher in His presence, only devotion to one another, their religious services is only for Him.

Trillions of stars in the sky are as dense as human living on the earth. There has a long live, and some just a moment. There are some dim and some lit. So is various kinds of plants, various animals, in them there are the breath of life predetermined by Him, with character of God’s omnipotence.

The poets often have too much pride to his achievements, because in his field he succeeded to express the feeling of his reason. The works definitely different with the words belong to the porters at the port that untrained to read and write, seems simple, except for their mind to the beloved wife, perhaps. Because of in the whole day physically they work so hard, their imagination squeezed by heavy reality. It’s in their sleep the poem grows well or maybe its forms are terrified. So, it shouldn’t be the poets feel higher than the achievements of other professions that are certainly different.

The poet is not a man that is walking when the lightning illuminated or people who were step forwarding when the rain stopped. He is no better than paperboy whom devotes hawking the poems of the poet in the newspaper he was carrying.

When paperboy did not peddle because of heavy rains, it’s just like the poet who did not obtain intuition because of fear to walk along the dark path onto alley of his destiny that depends on the progressing of time, upheavals of civilization, moreover a strong bonded to fellowship and also the verses, is not freedom yet of revealing the whole soul.

Here, without meaning that the poet (should) come out of history, but like the creator of the sketch; economists drafted his business, architect make architectural drawings, he blew the spirit of the words of his verse to be transformed into dialogue development. In the turn, he drove the circulation of reason of the human surrounding, no forms to ignore the times, it’s not.

It’s often the chaos of land have been promised, the fields have been stuck by ownership rights, annexed outright by the ruler which claimed to be able to preserve. This is the result of discordant voices of superiority over another. Incidentally, half or nothing at all, possessed or perhaps drunk, those things used by the poet also figures of all areas that feel shined by the divine light such as luck.

Until in a state of jealous or dark passion that is driven from the back of unconscious (as opposed to neutrality, for the sake of the joy all of nature), can be assured re-awakening disaster occurred before the coming of the spirit of resuscitation. It would be, if the poet and the others are not more authoritative as other beneficial deed in the chain of the world.

Excellency of the field of knowledge is also potentially to develop. The profession as the poet and also the others has the privilege to complement each other, spread their each experience on vibration signal it has. The different is just a poet gives small space in his (her) self and devoted all his life in the form of the meaningfully words for the continuation of character of the people to the next path. It doesn’t automatically mean that they have much more blessing than other efforts in different fields. Only excessive feeling makes them consider that their achievements are greater than other professions.

Search the mysteries of his (her) sentences with various discourses thoroughly. Find the source rooted of his (her) inspiration in order you to be not incited, hypnotized deeply by various styles of his (her) works. Through history’s styles of past century poetry until the awareness of reading, thus becomes predicate of useful life, not much more than achievement of other science, as the womb of humanity on the earth.

Stages of law level of causality merely make human kind easier to understand the breath of life in the shade of natural layers. So, the prophetic, the authorship, is no higher than poverty. The one teaches doesn’t understand much more than the one is taken the lesson, sometimes in the spaces doesn’t possible, at inappropriate times degree, but the line of fate was decided by the Authority.

For example, the teacher’s anger provoked by the lower self, pleasure-loving motivated by personal desire, is no more than a kid who has not been able yet to control their self. Hence the profession is not patents receipt but the higher reward of the profession is considered lower in the world, which is reflected in the sense motion. Such as a beggar begging a bite of rice as booster of hungry, it’s no worse than the prospective employee asked for help to be passed as employees.

Comparison someone thought to its predecessor, whether the prophets, values, or religion and such, doesn’t mean that he safes on the available chair. Because, human beings is guided to perpetuate the age he feels. At there the test chooses him or merely the successor of outdated beliefs that are less used by the demands of the times that forced to have a certain attitude.

Like the chosen prophets (ulul azmi) on their stoicism to their life, at a certain degree they were not affected by worldliness surrounding them. However, the patience teaches the fate such as circumference mirror and it’s not standard solely. Which in is merely reflective glass for those who look in the mirror, then the assessment of the efforts to mature an independent attitude doesn’t impose an ideology he proclaimed in favor of a discourse to each other.

Moreover, Tardji isn’t the figure of the apostle as the owner of fame greatness that can impact on the unstable side at the future. Then the correction of the previous era is an obligation for the scraper of the values of time as the useful acquisition that doesn’t transform to the ego, but performs innovation of mutual relationship for the sake of prosperity of the whole universe.

And now, let’s sail on the repertoire of works of Ibn Arabi, especially kun fayakun. The shown on his work titled Fusus al-Hikam, attributed the work to the Prophet Muhammad in his dream. Logically, the greatness of the Prophet politicized to legitimize his work became guidance of his people who are very submissive to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad- Islamic sources.

Isn’t at that field demanded critical for the era that keeps squirming. The poet is not just perpetrators of Shari’a and his reasoning is in the same characteristic with the initial creation of teaching adopted, but also developing the intuition, expanding the range of horizon of his mind and his heart to be dynamic. As the driving knowledge, processing of other areas of life is required to recover his faith. In addition, the views his future in living his life, in order that there is no omission, because the time is not running backwards. It flew with the fate it brings.

The effort of purifying will be void if does not observe at the achievements around. Only became the monumental works (masterpiece), away from the power remodels the order for the common good. Hence, the critical of reader establishes the rate of civilizations to something studying with the grade of consciousness he had. It will totally collapse if simply affirms previously achievements without finalizing himself to be equal and higher from the periods he left over. The efforts to return to the converging power and the old discipline are much more have roots in the rotten, if we do not realize the benefits of previous work, on the present hemisphere.

Because of all, why the poem (especially poem with the stream of mantra), is away from society? It’s all because they build statues of myth worshiped. It’s hailed as prophetic heritage without having a clear function for the community, as the breath of other work in present hemisphere.

Didn’t the verses revealed to the Prophets from their Lord, directly or through any intermediary, has causes. If the poet was agreed to be successor of the values ??of beauty, poetry functions resulting from the summary of the old doctrine seems mere spectacle, it doesn’t affect to the full and total comprehension of guidance, as usefulness of other sciences at its time.

“Fallacy” of the poet from long time ago until now, is his (her) reckless because he (she) feels like already very seriously diving life-cultured with whole body and soul. The seriousness tempts him (her) to escape from the responsibility by using the verses, the values, and predecessor’s patterns of deed, till to be indifferent to the endeavor of life.

In turn, the one who likes looking up into the sky, he forgot that his tiptoe is still stepping the earth and the knowledge of the emission of him (her) is not grounded. Thus, it’s questionable whether they have become poets or just a label of joy to develop the whole of his (her) destiny by ignoring the behavior of the knowledge of his (her) day. Or the song of quiet angler brings his hook, but he doesn’t aim to the river.

What fun from analyzing, fly cues to guide intuition, stuck at a long path of praise without filing the benefit from it. Indeed at particular side we do not evasive, poetry is also a prayer, mantra, but doesn’t there any ordinance before hold intention. The words are not just water conduit that merely leads the purpose, but there is energy that can move the pieces of the soul to willingly accept as scintillating values pervading novelty.

Criticality is managing the life that comes from polemical-intrigue of societal, it doesn’t only the surge of delirium on brilliance of cultured.

Eventually, the laws of nature-sunatullah-barked away from the efforts have been doing. They are lulled by their own charm, deluded by eyes sparkling on high grade that is difficult to translate. Preach something that is separated from its interpretation and judgment, fantasized and his (her) successors were shackled by his (her) shadow as he caught by his (her) own days, until the story comes out of a normal life and instead hailed.

It’s regrettably, interpreting the verse in the holy book only using its fragment, do not search deeply to the history of the verse came, as well as for the devout followers, who talked with loud voices in his day.

If the Tardji’s authority relies on the teachings of Islam, and also the speech of ancestor, oaths, he should read the details of anyone who is loyal heir to run literature of the teaching. This can be examined to the works of al-Hallaj, Rumi, Ibn Arabi is no exception, they do not create something out of the teachings of Muhammad, with the specific style of description they have.

At last, for this first chapter, I think the verse Asy Syu’ara is not a form of homage to the poets, but the title is no more than a similar rebuke that exist in the verse Al-Lahab.

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