Luís Vaz de Camões on earth Nusantara

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Luís Vaz de Camões

Di bawah sayap terkembang dari pagi menyala,
Lihat, tebaran pulau menghias laut cemerlang!
Tengah ratusan, walau belum bernama, lihat Ternate!
Kala siang, berliput gemawan tinggi bukit-bukitnya,
Kala malam, panji-panji api, bagai ombak menggulung,
Berkibar di laut dan giat menjulang ke langit tinggi
Di sini burung keemasan senantiasa melayangi
Angkasa, mencumbu Surya dengan warna gemilang,
Dan habis makan, terus membumbung masuk udara;
Dan baru kembali menyentuh bumi, bila habis nafasnya.
Di sini kepulauan Banda menerawang rendah indahnya
Dari ragam buahan, warna lazuwardi, merah dan putih;
Dan margasatwa -serbaindah warnanya – melagakkan
Bulunya kilau-kemilau; kala menjelajah puncak-puncak
Buih dan pucuk-pucuk pohon, ditandai sayapnya giat,
Untuk memungut upeti dari taman rempah-rempah.
Borneo pun mengembangkan dadanya yang kaya-raya,
Diselubungi oleh alam dengan hutan kapur barus.
Getah berharga yang dari pepohonan merintik,
Membubuskan panas sehat, ya; pembarut berisi penawar.
Indahnya gugusan Timur dengan tamannya beraturan!
Semua kali menggamit dalam bayangan serba wangi
Dan dalam dadanya cerah meriap rimbun pohon:
Cendana, penuh restu bahan obat yang mujarab.
Di mana dataran bumi yang luas meliku ke selatan,
Ke sana kerajaan Sunda menjangkaukan lengan kuasa
Dan dari sini peziarah membawa kabar-kabar ajaib,
Tentang suatu sungai yang merintih di lembah kering
(sekitarnya batu belaka) dan pohon apapun juga
Yang tumbang ke dalamnya, tak ayal menjadi batu.
Lihat, di udara: menggemilang biru Sumatera indah,
Bangkit nyala menggigil dari kawah suatu gunung;
Di sini pohon-pohon memelukan getah aneka wangi
Dan sumber-sumber ajaib membersitkan minyak paling halus.
Bukan itu semata penghasilan pulau bahagia ini.
Halus emasnya sukar ditanding dan sutranya kilau-kemilau.

Luís Vaz de Camões

Under the outstretched wings from the rose morning,
See, scattered islands decorates the bright sea!
In hundreds, though has no name yet, see Ternate!
At the afternoon, its hills covered by high cloud and fog,
And at night, the banners of fire, like a wave rolling,
Fluttered on the sea and vigorous to rise high into the sky
Here the golden bird has always fly over
The sky, to seduce the Sun with bright colors,
And after being eat, it continued to fly into the air;
And would come back to touch the earth, if it’s breathing out.
Here the island of Banda is shown at lower as wonderful island
From the variety of fruits, azure of colors, red and white;
And wildlife- the color is much beauty- flaunt
Its feather glow-sheen; when traveled the tops of
Foam and the tops of trees, marked by its wings vigorously,
To collect tribute from the spice garden.
Borneo is also expanding its rich chest,
Surrounded by nature with camphor forest.
Valuable sap from trees seem like spots,
Blows the healthy hot, yes; bandage of bidders.
The beauty of East cluster with arranged gardens!
All the rivers flanks in the all-scented shadows
And in its bosom is bright protrude to shade trees:
Yellow sandalwood, full of blessing as materials panacea.
Where vast plains of earth bend to the south,
Over there the Sundanese kingdom reached the arm of power
And from here the pilgrims bring miraculous news,
Of a river is moaning in a dry valley
(surrounding it merely stones) and any trees
Fallen into it, no doubt to be stone.
See, in the air: the beauty Sumatra lightened in blue,
Rose up the flames in shivering from the crater of a mountain;
Here the trees frozen various fragrant resin
And magical sources implied the most subtle oil.
That’s not the only income for this happy island.
The subtle of its gold is hard to be matched over and its silk is glow-sheen.

Luís Vaz de Camões, was born in Portugal in 1525. He was university graduates in the city of Coimbra. Classical education and he has extensive knowledge of the language. 1542-1546, he lived in Lissabon, he composed his poems and plays. His lover, Dona Caterina de Athayde, was a king’s palace ladies of Portugal. Because he broke the rule of the palace, Luis was banished for two years and became soldiers in Africa, and the result his right eye was blind in a naval battle in Ceuta. Back to Lissabon, he entangled in the fight with courtiers, and then he was sent to jail and then set free on condition that he must left Portugal and went to India (Goa) as a soldier. At 1556, he was sent to Macao, through the Malacca and the Moluccas islands, because of a lot of new obstacles; at 1558 he was just arrived in Macao and became civilian workers. He was accused of being corrupt and then banished to India (on the way, the ship sank in Cambodia), he survived, but he still must run his punishment in which got into the prison in India, after he were free, he went to Mozambique and stayed there for two years and he composed his poems at there: Goa: Babel and The Lost Child. At 1570, he arrived in Portugal, he published a book there, “Os Lusiades” and “Rimas”. Luis is the greatest Portuguese poet, and he died in 1589. (Took from the book “Puisi Dunia” (World Poetry), Volume I, Compiled by M. Taslim Ali, Balai Pustaka, 1952, which is in retranslation into English would be more or less like above).

The writers would find his language, he must be sincere to be in misery for striving for, like the speech of the prominent people; science can only be obtained by seriously taking hunger and thirst.

The history of Luis is thrilling curved thorns and intricacies of intercepting into the nature of poetic, the world of surprising is staring fast from conscience, on the mild sense catch the other colors of the eye formation.

The values comfort the soul by screaming of exile in prison, war and slander. As if the God lift up the human dignity from his hard efforts to the attacking of ocean storm of the violent of history.

No deterrent to jump up and down such as a flame of fire of eternality that was embedded in the souls, the balance is achieved because of grateful on greatness of journey to Malacca, the Moluccas, and also heard the news about the beauty of the surrounding islands.

No false that the acknowledgment is pinned to his name as the greatest Portuguese poet; fortitude to run his life to be picking up the scattered values on the path of wanderer, in which the wealth to teach the life maturely.

Below, I would try to explore his poetry, for the sake of remembering lovely the wealth of beloved Nusantara:

The beauty of natural is not merely the painting to comfort the soul, its faces are charming to tempt to be interpreted more rather to the Creator.

Hatches the passions of life has purpose to luminosity of age, the way up of hills asserts any age level can be interpreted differently.

The beauty adds the comprehension through polite and clear language; the nature blesses the human to spend his live with the air of life to mean.

Among the pain of ocean wind of the bright light of hope, the clouds leads the doer to do not quickly calm down in which must be there is vigilance, while the stars are quantifying the essence of heart of the Wanderer.

When fallen into pulverized daydreaming of enjoying the sensory, the eyeballs are following to be serene to write the ocean of knowledge that is stretched as wide as blue sky.

The time to play warm melody, presumably sung by the gratitude, dedicated to the next generation.

Birds keep hope to the wanderers; floating and following the rhythm of exposure air, the courage manifests the manifested by the flapping of wings.

Stretching and lying down to watch the charm of his visiting in, and the solar light through the cloud that sometime felt as reprimand. The humiliated feelings also greet to the peace, like the level of learning the science in the library.

Not satisfied if desired to take a long flight, by the capable to incriminate the flutter. Be sufficiency to accept and deliver joyfully, hence from here the breath of wisdom come out such as beauty flight in the air of liberty to make works.

The grandeur of the motherland is deserved to be took care of forever, don’t the fruits are in abundance like uncounted stars on the sky.

Animals and plants are standing authoritatively to maintain harmony of the universe, depends on intelligent beings to process it carefully, in order not to be infiltrated by the greedy that can confuse the world order.

The colors of various flowers, butterflies and honeybees, indicate the heaven blesses prudent levels. No dry grasses by the lush leaves of trees, and all get an abundance of solar light even fairly.

Through the skillful fingers until the peaks of hopes to be there, be patient to process the motherland fully mature fertility, be patient to climb up and down of the waves of seasons to scatter disaster and also abiding wealth.

Broad bosom of tough workers, the fresh chests of innocent virgins, absorbed in the noble values of ancestor’s heritage.

Walking in harmony as much as a curving of angels dance the shawl of rainbow, sanctity maintains authority; the shame is loss to burn anything.

Oh, it is really hard to take care of the wealth, if the heart has admiration and then will be usurpation.

Unguided desire is the incarnation of wolves in the jungles infiltrates the twilight. So the sadness would be for the one incapable to make sense, hopefully be diligent to explore anything that is not explained yet by the poets.

Who knows the sincerity of mind engagement reach the longing; there ever flair of view supported the breaths of the motherland. The strong efforts is so sweet, when took a rest for a moment and at the same time sipping up His Ridho (His Bless).

The country of Far Eastern is park of dreams that is its shadow incarnating to be the light of mind and heart, digging into the distributed by the changes.

The days are grew more fragrantly of the fragrance in flowers season are as tough as holding the believed.

This is efficacious antidote of the nature to give blessing to the breaths that borne the purity of heart raises the happiness of teaching.

The most beautiful culture decorates the civilization, a circle of pearls necklace on the beauty neck, which is thirsty to the covering of the essences.

The story of kingdoms in the Nusantara, the kings were handsome and authoritative, their bodyguards were so brave, and the princes’ emitted charisma.

Same as the empress and her ladies were blanketed by prosperity; the people dutifully to pilgrim ancestral graves and looked for benediction from the bags of prosperity and peace.

It is the soft cycle related with the residents, a fog protects from dangers, is also unchallenged of the poetries of her poets which have the power that capable to predict a coming event.

It is the clusters of the earth endowed with abundant fertility, the miracles are broadcasted like the newspaper to across the country.

Her mountains are as strong as the soul of ascetic, this is not the story merely covered by the beauty, there is culminated spirit interpreting the breath of sentences.

Only good receiving could shake the ultimate sense, incarnate to be the song that is always be composed, as the inscription of the world’s wealth.

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