Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

{View of Picasso from memory Christian Zervos (in heel writing), he obtained it when he did conversation on winter with that artist of kubisme. And then it was included into magazine “Cahiers d’ Art” in the year 1935. And I got it from the book entitling The Creative Process, which was compiled by Brewster Ghiselin}.

Insinuation from someone expressing, that there is no riskier one than the nesting of war material on-the hand of all generals, and we can alter it in compatible meaning also appropriated to all actor. In the same meaning, there are no riskier than justice on-hand of all judges and paintbrushes to portray on-hand of painter! Just imagine its danger to society.

Power of creating represents ability endanger also at the same time is beauty. I become to be remembered at year 1996, when I was on the top of mountain Gambar (as the place of trace track of Samber Nyawa). Precisely at the edge west side crevasse, flowers were blossoming fully freshness. Which transformed to be daydreaming captive to lulled body, slipped into crevasse. Almost one dozen of my sketch I finished at the top of it, at the same time I was hearing Javanese musical procession, which was coming from mountain bevel (included the region of Mount Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta), which was coincidence there was marriage party).

Doesn’t the daydreaming when have reached its core namely reality, hence transforming to be blade of keris, one embers. And the ability of all smiths to associate his energy of ritual, spirituality of creature soul asses. It is true, that sometimes a smith makes decision of hollowing of keris, a number of which was wanted by its order. Then our memory is thrown to qualified buttonhole like Ken Arok, which was ordering to Pu Gandring, to blade of keris of murdered the history. The next Reality. When the ability is mastered by its identity, its awareness anatomy in fist of power hand, the desire to do anything can start. Creation as opener spillway, to cymbal the power. And I mention it as the world huddled with possibility.

But these days we have no the spirit to prohibit all poets and painter, because we don’t have describing about the danger which can befall if they are remain to be free to gallivant in town.

Town that is fully hurly burly atmosphere, sweat condense of obsession is crowded from old history gland, together with rebel. Jolt of graffiti comes from repeatedly shrieking, until character that emerges of old paradigm. Shatter idea is reproduced, until root of its genuine is uprooted, insensible many times. Untouchable area, the village keep sings ancient Javanese musicals, when humankind still misses peace of soul continuity.

Grievous for me, but may be also be pleasant that I compile & arrange everything as according to passion feeling of me. What sad to a painter taking a fancy to blond women but does not enter them in his painting, because they are not matched to fruit bucket in the picture. What miserable of a painter that frowns upon apple but insisted to defining it too because of the fruit is compatible with its painted tablecloth.

When two current is found, balmy collision and inexistence of security become searcher soul demand, and human being often changes identity. Which as real as does not be expected, but that’s his desire to find satisfaction from fault that keeps to be discovered in the midway. Fad greeting and seriousness, cause longing is scatterbrained when distance does not provide contemplative place. Detached and most chummy, are insisted to be united. But, doesn’t trough that way is insisted to be despise, jealously, acrimonious, the time is molten in receptacle of seriousness color. Meaning den will find its separate value; does not merely leveling off or parallel lines. In here the struggling of passion also the way of instinct, dissolution is compacted to reach definitive pattern. This surely has estuary to new identities that mentioned as finding.

I my self pack anything I like into my painting. It is true that my painting objects have “downing on luck”, because they cannot help reside in one another, do they are felt compatible or not for that.

Room composition that determines anomalous or felt banal, when eyes is inhaled by object. Then the wildness of inspiration determines, makes breakthrough since from old obsession is barricaded. Paint is bobbin quality of in seeking of past, hidden daydreaming is firmed up with situation of creation, then accepting it as renewal. Rooms of sacral creation are from hillock that is profane by intimacy. Secret that is blanketing the self is making impossible matter become to be born. And presumption of yesterday energy is unknown, then transform become august discourse, for example endless masterpiece from the present activity.

During this time, a painting grows up to the way of solving through a growth. Every day the painting increases with something new. A painting is the amount of from the doing additions.

What described above are life realities. Addition also daydream that forming multiplication. While reduction is as loss of something like forget.

But for me, a painting is the amount from numerical of ruining. I draw a painting and continue it to destroy. But in the end there is anything missing. Red color I moved from one shares appears on other shares.

In fact that unloading fight against to forget to be placed in some different corner, so that ghost of oblivion does not alight on again. Become true that complexity supports the truth of awareness reality. And I will not support, otherwise leave together from growth of logic footstep x’self, namely reality for the shake of future.

Will be very attractive to make photo from a painting, rather than levels growth of its solution, but its form transformations.

Finish of an element when have cannot mean again, that’s view. Mean effect is moral decadence that truly endangering. Because process represents life, or open view and soul.

Perhaps people will see such band of mind finds the way up on crystallization of his dream. But, in fact most wish to be known, is see do the picture does not basically change, that first picture remains to be intact almost however final existence of the picture.

In here is found, experience determines the next color. The colors of feeling have time to be formed, continue to have continuation aim to the growth. But, does not become to be eliminated of the identity of past memory. I mention it as ghost of memory is frequently lures. While with hard practice, matter that initially misdirection in the beginning can be entered to separate shares. Or situating of its color composition remain to does not lose, under control at final bases of mind, when finishing a masterpiece.

I often see darkness and light, what I pack into my painting; I do what I can do to negate it, by enhancing a color that creating contest effect.

Trough several technique of attempting, life is always fresh, excelsior productivity has odorous aroma. The contest effect is negation from previously, but doesn’t mean to eliminate old ones. Just the first character is limited by the light or darkness more than idea contest. Like crumpling of event that is recorded, does not mean of omission of memory. But addition that creates the sharper of a painting object.

If this masterpiece is photographed because I feel that what have I done to repair my first picture that have vanished, and that in the end what shown by result of the photograph is as according to my first picture, before appearance of changes that moved by willingness of myself.

Photograph is activity to immortalize moment without continuation process, or something in that photo cannot make a move. Except we create dramatizes at the picture, trough some logical reasoning. And, repeatedly photograph, its value being equal if its presentation by snatches, because every one of those has world frame. But, when object is moved world of mind, in essence of the object had abysmal of its body like an actor with his creativity daydreaming wings. Or, this is a kind of conversation in kept quiet, dialogues really heavily that finishes energy of mind and also inmost feeling about its dig.

The painting does not be thought of and does not be defined previously; more precisely, to be told is that during the painting is made and finished, the painting follows mind mobility motion. If that draw finish, it change further, as the condition of the one who sees it.

However involuntary attitude emerges, does not mean those coincidence does not be created previously. Because as soft as any of deliberation we have, it has created judgment of value. And, the determination is sometime missing from logic development, if does not long study where the coincidences came from. By it, law that is have diffuseness still has tying energy, can explain as desire to pass off finding way, or come out from old frame to corner of objective research.

A painting runs this life as mortal creature, experiences changes that is resulted by influence of everyday life. This matter is natural, because of a painting masterpiece only alive, trough who sees it.

Painting objects as visual masterpiece, much easier to be understood if using eyesight sense, in which appliance to reach those media can be understood. Object is unmoving thing if seeing it in a flash way. But, when the research about object becoming chummy, those objects make a move by it selves, this is creative process creature energy.

If I am tilling painting, I think about white color and use white color. But I cannot continue to work, thinking and using white color; colors as also to fundamental marking, following changes of emotion.

Colors have each personality, if not yet wrestled among color one with the other. Change of color from previously by working together (mixing) is the power of life that creates spirit more matured than the origin color. Color, character, striping of its former pattern generates currish note or soft, fade or also nature of sharply, this base similar like human being radiation in marriage or mixing. And, new birth comes from married colors, while its motion of striping is as far as the colors coalesce, beside how much the material of other paint color. Hence size measure of how much paint material also determines to be sharp or soft of its mixing, from value of paint color on the previously base natural.

You see sketch that I make about a picture with all colors shown by it. What is remaining? White color that thought up by me, as well as green color that I think of, there is still at that painting, but does not in origin place is determined for those colors, neither in expected amount previously.

Which play at feeling is composition, or the composition is decided by feeling that is watching canvas face. The determination projects previous matter that sometimes fails at midway, when the firming up color does not want to along with logical reasoning for next procession. And a painter feels pain at the same time enjoy in long, when work of his spiritual be weightier in mixing of character. And invention of glorious solution, gratifies the working of an actor. This is heaviest challenge to all architectures of arrange town situation of logical reasoning, when its image color is attended in reality of life.

Of course, painting can be made from compatible small parts, but its result will not have the dramatic quality.

In here, can be differentiated. Schedule which already exist, it is not impossible oppositely bridles new finding appearance, because natural base of life is fully dramatic. This is pragmatic and dialectic struggling; also, the naturalist has arrangement of life that formed practically. In these capacities is I do not want to answer carelessly with personal view, because this matter represents ideality of all translator to their own personality.

I wish to develop ability to make painting in such a manner, until no one will be able to see how that painting was made. What is it for? What I am willing for my painting is just it can only awaken emotion.

Make masterpiece is remove first self-emotion. Creator removing his idea also his energy to be poured to trough masterpiece. Try furiously in order to his masterpiece earn to life alone. When his fingers (inventor of the masterpieces) are not exist any more in the gallery of painting. Or does not see in library, to the its writer. By dozens of actor, unsuccessfully transfer his emotional into masterpiece form. When in proceeding has no experience enough, arising out one is fault. Does not in harmony to be well balance with his hoping. Hence, studying about spatial and time, also the colors of psychological emotion that must really arranged previously, before step on reality of working.

Working is compulsion to human being. Horse will not walk to enter tunnel by own willingness. Human being creates alarm clock.

We earn to witness that the ability is pushed by feeling of requirement. And of course, more and more feels insufficiency, his creative energy will increase. Set of requirement form and working are, when human being be able to think, for the shake of what he labor something (?). Then return to him self is benefits.

At the first, I draw each time there is some one like to cooperate with me. Before completion of that working, I have impressions that as if work without assistant.

At the beginning of step, will or not, we must confess or use others stick to trace street. When confidence gain strength, stick does not need any more or have forgotten. And he realize there no stick in grasp. Take the air seeking is really preoccupy, soul is guided to object which is boring, then go out safely. When discharge set of tying from what have been done. This, what is meant sincerely to launch a masterpiece.

If someone starts to paint, he often finds good things. He has to realize it, destroy his picture and makes it again several times. In each mutilation of something good, an actor rather than depressing it, this is the truth; he even remodels it, summary, making of it much more fundamental. Root of the matter represents result from deductions of invention. Otherwise that way the things of, hence someone will become admirer of his self.

That is a testimony of Pablo Picasso. Bravery discomfit an event which its will be successful before very eyes. That thing is done for the shake of attending others result that do not in control, dramatic and impressing without cause. Revolutionary soul pass guerrilla farms, does not love previous performance. Past footprints does not mean future mirror. By using the street similarly like same, will know how far step desist. And figure of Picasso blur pickings that he got, for the shake of getting which he him self cannot detect except the period. In which his eras, when he is not in the working room.

I do not sell anything to me myself.

This is heavy to do by all beginner actors. Allowing him self to do not enjoy properties, more than anything else take its continuous honey by creating support to support argument of his masterpiece. Or hope his friends of recite compliment. Sincerity incarnate to be dramatization of a successfulness drama; legowo (= relieve) vanish self dreams to finish at debate sheets. The future period will decide that he really dismembered or miss of sincerity.

In the reality, someone works by using amount of color that a few. What getting an impression the existence of many colors is that colors have been swept by right places above cloth of canvas.

In dictionary of Picasso life. There was no extravagance word; because all reach highest value each if really allowing has gone. He had tried various style motions for the shake of discovering its tops from various quality facets that was being face. Because gauche feeling oftentimes discomfit to attend new values. Hence the seriousness is one form of soul successfulness.

Abstraction art only painting. And drama?

I farther have a notion. Every working cymbal the field of possibility, that’s pure dramatization that leave from souls which ever thirst in dream reality which in facing of.

There is no abstraction art. Someone always have to start with something. He can remove all manifesting of fact later. And does not take any risk, because of idea about the painting object leaves mark which can not be abolished.

The embed of impressive Value, will guide memory to procession which is doing. And it is true, the attending abstraction is because of models that already exist. Because abstraction its self comes from burst out psychological, partaken acceleration for the shake of a work reality. Or hurrying is intention that creates squeezing of period. Narrow periods depress it to the top of creativity corner or nonplus. The work that is ascertained leave from tussle of spiritual of past reality, at the surface of creativity process will find it self. The feeling wrestled for long times have discovered its personality as object to feel.

“Something,” that’s voluptuous an actor, awakening his ideas, moving his emotion. Idea & emotion in the end will become captive of its masterpiece; anything they do, they cannot run away out of that painting; they have come to the parts of which no locked out of from the masterpiece, even if its attendance shall no longer looked to be in those picture.

However, Picasso felt too. His soul insincerity that was giving on to his painting reality that bought by collector. And the arrogance attended, which more or less generated streak lame. But, when periods are crumpling, attenuation of character from forgetting also circulation of period will give separate values. So clean to add purification of working that yielded from seriousness of soul. That’s exciting tussle in soul of actor, comprehending reality of life according to the brain thinking of his mind.

Does he like or not, human being is appliance of nature; the natural is determining the nature of, and his appearance. In paintings of Dinard is same as well as in painting of Pourville, I have used view which much the same to.

It doesn’t mean that Picasso assume mankind is object, while nature as activator or subject. Of course, what he meant as the basically appearances of life are mankind and nature, in creating separate values at his world of mind, as mirroring of body milk glass or life water. Wise man executes boat, water flows to the lowest place. The debasement grows paddy seed, blooms rose, fragrances jasmine calyx.

But you see by your self what a differing atmosphere of the painting that made at Briton and Normandy, because You have recognized light of lighthouse from the rock of Dieppe. I did not look for the light; I did not give special attention to the light. I bathed the light. My eyes have seen it and my subconscious noted the view; this hand recorded my feeling.

In painting masterpieces, Picasso attends three dimensions view, its illumination does not be controlled by distance of using paint that was fair chromatic. (I bath light…); is the understanding of mankind which fully with brightness values. Until, sometimes impresses not quite to present the ray that should be as the rule to paint (the law of light does not have to come from the object, but the most important thing is from the subject of research). He have mastered the soft touch feeling of hand fingers, the willing was also coherent in following his feeling that hidden for long time, since from memory corps about what he was processing. The artist soul is overloaded with overflowed spirit, spurt his expression out when discovering paint also canvas. Does not desist, remains to run before reaching satisfying motion, inmost dig expression. Then left nothing to be desired when lifted to surface, and the results of those processes add the happiness.

We cannot oppose nature. The nature much stronger even than strongest human being. We our selves have importance to look after good relation with nature. We just may have freedom in our relation with nature, but only in small things.

Although enthusiasm of his spirit is abundant in express the soul, mankind will not be able to breathe its depth in longer time than exhalation of life of grove, mount and also ocean. In here, nature as the most learn counselor, arranges exhalation when creating so that the created one is a breath with eternality, which drawing near natural preservation. Prosperity of independence soul is same intention corps in the nature’s self, to the mankind that wishes to have prosperity breath.

Hereinafter, there is no art having the character of epitomizing and having the character of no epitomizing. Anything appears in front us in the form of symbols. Even in metaphysics the idea is laid open in the form of device; so, you can understand what impossible is to mull over about painting without shadow of symbol.

He had opinion that value of a swan song comes from softness of behavior, trough those feeling can be caught and or poured. The old shadow is value of feeling in identify the form. When used as nowadays painting, will be explained those congenialities are come from experience. And progressively refine to translate experience, increasing to get grains of congeniality. And also bosom feels spaciously of acceptance, while coveting is a striping of carelessness, or inability in perceiving experience trough the feeling.

Human being, object, radian, alls are symbols. They have an effect onto us with different strength energy. Some of those are in nearer distance with our feeling, yielding emotion that touch ability of our sensitivity, while the other more conversing to our brain.

An actor exploit sensitivity of his feeling when working, he munches any thing accepted; makes the felt object more felt of its seriousness. The feeling that has trained, constructive nor maintained will make consideration among one another feeling. Then brain peripatetic to compile feeling diagram, in order to be able to be accepted by the others. But mind’s working is not determinant in stone situating of feeling, because feeling also gets it self has own logic. Logical reasoning working in here is quality rate choosing that is being be eaten, to be munched or vomited.

All have to be accepted, because of my spirit needs same emotion with the quantity like my senses.

Good acceptance determines furthermore giving pattern will be good also. Which is, the one has spacious soul accepts Lameness non as matter of chaos, because anything have justice weighing-machine before policy. Here I do not mean to teach but it’s happened. Large energy must have the quality of energy emit a stream of good emotional. Natural existence creates dam, while feeling conducting broader possibility in taking care of growth knowledge, like ditch flowing to dale rice field doorstep.

Do you think that I will interest to question do this picture portray the existence of two people? Those two men had existed, but they are not any more. The view concerning them, in the beginning awaken my emotion; little by little their attendance become to turn tail; turning into fantasy for me, then they vanished, or more precise to tell that they have experienced of transformation, transforming to be all kinds of problem.

Even memory also can change form transforms myth, when working is faced solid to progressively crumple. Congeniality which initially perch in brain maelstrom, in process of time scatterbrain become endless memory, which does not touch except have hand of softness. Of course, dance it does not trough reality natural existence faced. But, carry those memories to conference desk of feeling. In which day-dream created and the memory set of become similarly form, or result of dream is come from feeling sediment also depressed natural existence.

For me they are rather than two people again, but becoming forms and colors, but rather than any form and color, but which “summing” idea about those two people and save vibration of their life.

The life is something moves dramatically, theatrically. So, procession of development does not mean broken day-dream, but future reality (in fact) wants to be tilled in present times. And, it’s done to show attendance of period, also passed day-dream. Or, memory that mustering exciting idea, its pulled by fish of congeniality as part of addition.

I treat my painting like I treat goods.

The painting is feeling logic pouring, or result from logic and also feeling of the actor. Inside of it has saved the secret, sacral in division room of profane rooms. Writer digs the congeniality as personal matter in working to create masterpiece.

I draw a window, is the same thing as I see through the window. If this window, if it is open, does not invisible nicely in my painting, I will install a curtain and closing it such as those which I do in my room.

Painting is the same as with poem. It has logic of its own room, also related to utilized materials, like words or paint. Develop separated world, inhabiting soul settled condition, calmness of entire length of time to process data, to be majored to become artistic value. Or sacral of the form, coming from matured soul teaching, from flaring up to wrestle times, when developing dialog with history.

People have to do saleable awareness in painting, the way he did also in life. Directly admitted that paint has its conventions, which must be paid attention and reckoned, that’s why we can not do another thing.

Awareness attending answer, and all wise judges take care of awareness of law so that remain to at objective band as a means of searcher of justice. Finding idea or glorious answer, in the reality comes from people who really pay attention saleable awareness, for the shake of reaching human highest doorstep. Creating different world from we are inhabited is taking care of moment as transportation to those other world, in order to be always moves like colossal tether in the maintained world. Over there, even does not in physical movement, we process raw material of this world to be carried to become more valuable materials in those separated world. By always takes care of awareness, the world remains to awake its memory. And we make a harmoniously move among outside world (body process at the verge of profane) also spiritual world (creation creativity region).

Therefore people have to always before his eyes to face attendance of life it self.

Decision takes care of awareness as the way to go to the happiness, this is big successfulness beside pleasant to be proceed. Two eyes have answer, in order to take care of physical world and spiritual world proportionately. And meaning of nose in the middle as indicator of concentration. While two hole of nose, assisting the job of eyesight sense in tracing those worlds. And all actors take care of it as treasure of soul and physic of entire universe.

An actor is “place of” acceptance of incoming emotion from everywhere: from sky, from earth, from a leaf of paper, an elapsing, a spider seine. That is why, hence may not be performed differences among everything there is. No storey among all the things.

There is no useless congeniality in actor him self. The times walk before him like wave and when kept quiet to execute rock, but not of a kind stone that does not have initiative. Cause he realizes, every process to make masterpiece fully concentration, its result will be satisfied. This I intend as the energy of create, the power of assessment in each matter has function also separate value. Where one another cannot be compared haphazardly, or cannot be grouped with the title of similar. Because, the flowers of life spread own colors, when joining together gives new benefit (value), rather than forge of values that eliminate prefix identity.

People have to take the good thing for him where he finds it, except in his own masterpiece. I feel eerie to imitate me myself.

A revolutionist always dissatisfies to his findings, assuming to trifle his reaching, but he continues to research, creates in so many times. Because his satisfaction is in the process, while the final result according to him only temporary pleasure. Hence, oftentimes he ducks out mirror, because face long time he has is chummy. And be worries if too chummy can rotten his soul, this matter after enough to get most intimate contiguity in his self.

But I will not be doubt, if I, just for example is, confronted to one bag that containing with fully ancient paintings, to take away from those pictures what I wish.

Besides have masterpiece, Picasso also collected others masterpieces. This is a way to eradicate ego or principle that sometimes too sharply unsheathes its expectation sky. While polarization which is developed in his self, perfect of facet that had by mankind. And all actors develop his soul, so that at outside seem as straggling to translate the world of meaning from the life. In developing his personality, as if does not want to there is gap except breathing and rest. He continues to spread his soul resembling like sand on the beach, air pores smell the time. Amazing touch of feeling, when the grains of sand coming up to the form of the parts of human life.

When we creating cubism, we had no intention to create cubism; we are only merely laying open what there is in our selves. No one prepares an action program, and even though our friends, all poets, follow our effort with big attention, they have never dictated us.

What in front of us is just ascription of present times. Distance between present times and future will be as if really different. But slowly we can enjoy it without feeling any change. Or, the times walk is not set of program, but pure reality of mankind in running the life. Those demand after realized, ours have been read, rather than meaning business to wish to present something after exercising. I predict it is named as jurisdiction process than congeniality of finding.

Present day young artists often make program fundamental to themselves to fulfill and try to do duties that is gave to them precisely alike child that well-behaved in school.

When space in certain time schedule, we discover have knocked hammer mention all of the size. Or values that we judge, as if there no breakthrough gap to the other possibility, because of locked to event schedule that occupied. But, when live in some time by opening our self widely, the values of life expand with each quality. And keep getting those values proceed. Hence, soul alike sponge, it can permeate the whole chromatic water.

An artist passed fullness and blankness level. That’s fully secret from the art. I walk along on the forest area of Fontainebleau. In the forest I was fully with greenness. I have to empty this feeling in painting. Green color was mastering it.

When our self is emptied, turns up strength energy like chameleon. In deepness of its personality that fully, assumes all the things as habit. And, do not feel bizarre when its self be able to melt in the room. Sometimes it feels to be eliminated of its self when those greetings are stronger. By passing witness of eye, it feels attendance or recalled to life.

An artist draws as if in a state of going to the wall to empty his self of the feeling & his view.

When the objects are suddenly attend in awareness. Our self transforms to be calm lake water pacifies and as if he be oblivious as the lake. Leaf fallen down on the surface represents federating of awareness of our self with shadowing object. Awareness of leaf creates circle waving and that is so called as ambush. Sometimes destroys assessment, if not finish yet of awaked object from awareness of creation.

Human being takes everything as medium for the shake of closing over his naked in a measure. They take what they earn and when they earn.

Such of human being is mankind as opener of possibility. When the opened experience had been manifested, will be able to tell how far self naked respond from clothes unfolding on acceptance. In a certain time our self transforms as opener, similar like nature opens its self to be diffused.

I believe that in the end they do not get anything; they are only cutting clothes according to size of their do not understanding measure. In the day-dream, they take everything from the infinite to be poured in their painting. That is why, nail represent pest of picture.

But, how could it? Human being cuts cloth according to size he likes, and more fatal if following market demands. These matters are humane if relied on benefit. But expected dream and benefit, oftentimes make dialogue for the shake of finding deal that sometimes generate value that less than humane. Different so far, if unfolding of the canvas is as wide as of our sky approach, because the stars in the sky, do not custodian nail of unfolding.

Painting always has something important, at least is important of the one who made it. On the day of the painting is bought and draped on the wall that thing wall become important in other meaning, for the sake of such the painting is true meant.

Important congeniality on usefulness of benefit of artist dreaming. Values follow assessor size measure, hence standardizes is confession which is branded, to discomfit news that nonscheduled of exclusive value. Here we can look for, which seller draw and which creator of art. This difference is in process of time eroded, when have pragmatic eyeglasses. Or assess a masterpiece just trough benefit facet only, and then blurs creator’s dream on affluence of exhibition. Hence conversing here, arrange situation of profane determines furthermore assessment.

Academic lesson about the beauty is counterfeiting. We have been lied, but so good lying of, so that impossible to find again even if only just its shadow from the truth.

If beauty is laid open, to be seen many falsehood. Because, the truth is, it cannot be drawn or written down, if still wish the aroma of sacral from beauty. But, how congeniality cable to be jointed; what we see to respect with in marrow feel the beauty. Willing or not, bridge must be exist, although in the other part is assumed as spurious sea transport. It is of course we own each places. Among we assumed as counterfeit, pure and what is mentioned as purification of falseness.

Beauties from Pathenon, Venus, angels, Lily, represent lines of falsehood. Artistic rather than using regulation about the beauty, but, about what can be conceived by instinct and intelligence freely from the regulation.

What should be studied from artistry is not only the beauty of masterpiece result. But, how to wrestle with softness of feeling, had spiritual of calmness. So that, feel purity of masterpiece from the depth of soul, rather than from discourse among the people, which contaminates searcher natural existence. Such this of Picasso meant, we do not need formal school, to study the beauty.

If someone loves woman, he does not take appliances for next steps and then measuring her; he loves with some willing, and even if that way everything have been done to introduce the regulation, even if in the case of being in love.

This for example that the beauty cannot by be understood textually, or directly analyzed. Need set of awareness to the beloved one. So, the phase of love is not a routine schedule, but, from self pressure of the lover. Hence, accepted size measure, is not we crosscut it.

To talk the truth or to express truth, Pathenon is not other than only a farmhouse that has roof; pillar line that sustaining the roof and bas-reliefs are enhanced to the building because in Athena there are people who work and some of them want to lay open themselves.

Once again, construction materials function or creation appliance will be more valuable if means the self in doing it.

The one enters to calculation rather than what had done by the actor, but what and how the actor him self. Cezanne will never attractive me, if him lives and thinks like Jacques Emile Blanche, even apple fruit he drawn is ten times of its beauty.

This is dialogued of searching, and how far it leaves trace into searcher’s self. Also as signer, when mentioned by the others. Quality will be put on devoted shoulder, the soul imbibing manful in identifying the self, as something that valuable.

What interests our attention is unquiet of Cezanne, the real theory of him, misery of Van Gogh, was the drama of human being Van Gogh. All others thing are counterfeiting.

Identity emphasis, in the reality emerges from recurring misery, which keeps in teaching. Repeatedly blowing oftentimes fails the plan. Hence, for the man has experienced, the planning similar like sprays water. And colorful effect of rainbow, represents unsuspected result previously, which comes from bizarre presumptions.

Everyone wants to understand about paint. Why there are no efforts to comprehend bird singing? Why someone does not love the night, flower, all the means around the human being, without trying to comprehend it at all?

Sometimes our understanding is too narrow, while acceptance transforms post understanding. Hence, accepts anything, without have to feel up to wish to understand, especially follows emotional of seeking. The truth is the way of seeking is slowly, guides the soul to the wishes of reality outside of our self. And we put it in to our selves to find to benefaction, justice weighing-machine of affection.

While people want to know about painting? In order to be understood, an actor works beyond anything because of compulsion, and also that he is representing element which at least mean from this world, so that needn’t gave to him important meaning than to others natural goods that make our heart be happy but what we do not explain it to ourselves.

Values will be useful, when understood its benefit. And, all searchers always starve for to wander, thirsty on experience to inmost of him self. He feels does not have something, and meaningless if not look for. And he will discover himself has value of values tying. Hence, something will be valuable, when the view is gathered. Includes knowledge to give explanation of those values will be. It is of course, we earn to differentiate, between august stone and pebble.

To them who try to explain a painting is more regular reside in wrong way. Some times ago Gertrude Sein was happily stating to me that in the end he understood what meant by my painting: three musicians. The painting is a view of calm nature!

What meant by assessment or meaning of value, as growth which always proceed. Where remain to be actually, if assesses with present congeniality frame. And still brings awareness for the shake of tomorrow adventure, because present meaning is just the rest. In order to the conversation does not condense in the morning. We should take care of feeling from those explanations, to be run until tomorrow, for the shake of more hale assessment.

How can an audience involve my painting like I do? A painting came to me from a distance, no body knows how far it was; I forecasted it, I saw it, I made it, but, tomorrow I don’t see what have I done.

Working process to create the masterpiece is ecstasy with the desire to love the depth of soul. Hence, its steps must agree onto devoted rule, in order to find something newest. Similar like a bird flies quickly, it doesn’t care how far. It only ascertaining remain to fly, wafting at affection scale, on the desire of graffiti of longing to create.

How can someone slip into my dream? My instinct? My desires? My minds? All of it need long time to elaborate any each of it and present its own attendance to exit above surface of awareness, beyond anything to catch from within what I yielded, perhaps, oppose against my own willingness?

Our awareness oftentimes snatched by desire that has time to be oblivious, and its possibility attends from whole angle of times. Sometimes, we bring our self tottery and out of control, on what wanted yesterday. Hence, recurring contemplation will attend memory, the energy of longing to discomfit oblivion. And every time scraps with the unstable situation.

With exception of some artists that is opening new firmaments in the world of paint art, young man of nowadays does not know where must go.

Read history, we will know how far growth and also decline that is experienced by of period of times of printer of era. Starting from awareness of myth, history power, we dig soul for the shake of attending self to future reality. This is the way of how in order not to stumble recurrently, even on the beach of different possibility. The world attends to our fore part and we are ordered to do, also we understand of past experience.

Than handling our investigations to give keen reaction to us, they live with to soul the old world.

We will transform part of civilization link, when they realizes by struggling and also history that we are doing.

But the world is opened in front of us. Anything still must be done and rather than repeated.

The self’s leisure opens possibility of judgments. Then infiltrate with possibility far that does not be designated. For the shake of discovering him self free from the principle, also the other’s psychological. We are alike the sinking children, which are saved by intelligence by inspiration striping of God’s light.

Why keeps hang on without hope to anything has fulfilled its promise? So many kilometers of street’s distance that have been passed by; but very rare we see a young go through his own way.

Our way is confidence in infiltrating coarse grasses. While, their way is in the form of schoolbooks that we took off, when intention steps stronger. How far the benefit of a map? If we have trusted can master the situation, of course will be able to face foregoing field. And, all guerrilla vanish their map of trip, for the shake of blown about observation of their enemy. One of those enemies is forgetting. And, hope as throwing fish-net, as far as the existing possibility. While, withdrawal of fish-net is not the target of, but research to get better territorial water later.

Does there mind that someone cannot repeat his self? Repeating is walking at variance with laws of spirit, its motion coming forth.

The genius of Picasso was impossible to deny, that repetition also yields addition from early lacking. And however of the repetition, can attend more emotionality that does not at variance with law of move forwards, as the way of change. What I do not agree, is the repetition of run in old way. This just pours tired sweat, without new atmosphere that generates boredom. Although, when in the rest time gets unusual times alike shadow of clarification. And a Picasso exceeds the souls that always proceed. Dissatisfied by yesterday result, because in the depth of process, the soul is always be maintained of young and will grasp self-supporting quality as especial personality.

I am rather than worrywart.

This is the reality of his coherence. Does not assume the fallen down is felt concerned about, and or he repeated in order not to fall in same place again. How motivated of him fell and woke up and broken bone of his heart. And, in passing seduced him to stop for a while. But, he remained to be able to discomfit seducing, by unloading and filling the requirement of soul. That the surface of world wants to be translated, in course of do not desist, like railroad takes care of the way of train of history.

I am rather than hating art, because I cannot live without devoted all my time to it.

To proceed is glorious art that creates dignity. The most beautiful way of human life without shame to keep struggle, at the same time brings his confidence flag. To be flown at each passing way by running, as far as the feet of reality drop its old, not its age.

I love art as whole destination of my life. Everything I have done that there is relation with art gives me extraordinary exhilaration.

The art works represent result of mankind’s feeling, which is its infusion fully freshness of seeking. And its acquirement adds fitness of body and also soul. Because of it, good feeling transforms science bunch. As well as everybody may pluck it, like harvesting grape in garden of policy. Wise human being knows that the art of live is give. While the acceptance, as the form of thank you that does not will be translated completely.

Even though like that, I do not see why everyone makes self business about art, calling of it to responsible, and conservatively informs his stupidity in the matter about the art?

Fear assumed stupid is first lesson to a searcher. Fear is unable to create masterpiece again, is the most sensible ghost, which frequently lure neglected actor. Should receive again to long the stupidity. As there is no fear feeling, to the one who always proceed. And no use to compromise, to ascription of stupid. The truth is, we are very dumb, in group that always proceed. While, poorness is much better, than be afraid to be bankrupt.

Museums represent so much lies, people who make their selves business in artistry, most only representing deceiver or people who behave foxy illusion.

Picasso insinuated people who take care of art works, but do not know how far the actor carries out sincerity in proceeding to create the result of art, in the societal art. It is hand that has never bespattered of paint, clay, or that have never dusty of sweat. It is coward hands, troublemaker, that more endangering than all unemployment. Whereas the unemployment, have represented other form of sin that is carried out by human being. It does not brilliant if a loser be succeed to cheat, but crumpling of stupidity that until generating rustiness.

I do not understand why arises more prejudice concerning art in revolutionary nations than in backward nations!

Here, the other hands have trained to pick pocket. And succeed to plagiarize artistic works. When their parochial eyes are already be unable to look into fields to work hard. The sins of all unemployed continue recurrently, the sins of all employers that have no feet is keep wafting. Hence, it is of course, you must be able to differentiate between water and vapor, between current and kept quiet. And I mention, more and more that afraid to the failure, also increasing the born of merchant-artist.

We have charged to the painting that hangs-on museums, all stupidity and mistake of us, desires from spirit of our own.

The spirits of settled condition or even standardizes, much more horrible. Than in abundance enthusiasm, which bounded from comfort of soul, watching the peace of precede that always takes care of awareness. And, that the matters, the money we yielded is submission. It doesn’t mean, then measure with weighing-machine of the standard of good acceptance. I mention that insincerity is the form of half done soul. Or the soul that has not finish yet, will discomfit growth.

Those paintings have we made to become ridiculous goods. We stand upon myths than comprehending psychological life of human beings make those paintings.

Similar like all admirer of pearl. When in exhibition place, do not care anymore where the stone comes from. From whose hand? Like forget it just like that, existence of meaning digger, namely all sculptor of relief in cave. Resembling like sprucing into the mirror at well mouth, then admire own face. When plop down to know closer of his beauty. Will no longer find the softness of face, because body constraint closing over the well hole. Should have distance, when understanding to the softness of mountain, because the heart has time for infiltrate to look for real meaning.

Should be there is some absolute dictator…dictator of the all artists… dictator of an artist…to grind all deceptive to the all artists, to grinds to all] liars, to grind all matters about deception, to grind habitual, to grind fascination, to grind history, and to grind many others thing else.

When watching from far, distance creates mildness, softness, beauty also cheated. Then, how to get more beautiful friendliness from a distance? Hence, ascertaining, plunging into the well, even will be disappointed later. Or otherwise be happy? That way, we do not merely can narrate temporarily estimates. We have to really tasting sugar, if we like to know its sweet. Have to more or less understand how to have masterpiece, if a critic man does not wish to be assumed as liar. When comment to result of masterpiece, researches relieves in the cave, or the painting in exhibition room.

But health mind always will win.

This health mind has long. What is abysmal many times craziness sill. Seriousness to imbibe sweat proceeds. This continuously does not have outcome. Spills enthusiasm for the shake of obtaining again of the enthusiasm. Not headache but stunned into silent.

Beyond anything people must incite revolution fight against the health mind.

But, when the values have been arranged, is not properly to lick lips, with viewpoint of one congeniality process. Because natural existence that really healthy, executes current without any chance to be sediment. This makes change of water color or grade of painfulness. Hence, jump up and down continuously in proceeding. The right logical reasoning is always healthy, because the life represents continuously process.

The real dictator will always be defeated by health mind …but perhaps not!

I equalize dictator with doctrine of values, standardize, structuralizes. But, are they really, have deputized as a whole health minds? Have think, rebels!

May 31, 2006. Lamongan.

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