The Life Pronouncements of The Poet
@Nurel Javissyarqi

I. Mrs. Enda Menzies MA
II. Welly Kuswanto
III. Agus B. Harianto

Paint : Laksmi Shitaresmi
Desain & Layout : Samsul Anam

I : Mei 2001
II : Agustus 2004
III : April 2005
IV : Desember 2020

Introduction: The Life Pronouncements of the Poet

Each people in tracing his life of journey, ever find out discoveries that sometimes pass the image, mind. Expectation, dreads and also love. But, that pearls, occasionally scale off waste away, scattering indefinite to instruct fallen into oblivion to the place. In fact, when some pearls are knitted to become choker. For insteans, hence all princes’ life or all sure civilization exactly is tempted by nice series and happily. And in this book, during ten years, writer collects that scattering, of course in his sorrounding. Hopefully it makes benefit, to waste spare time, more mean. Thanks due to Allah. Who gives the opportunity to decorate this life through reading your serves; having the loose meaning and no conclusion, knotted appearance or designated. I hope it become kindness of the advantage to the self-writer and also to the reader. That is caused by your dear Muhammad Saw until the light world entire, to be useful to the world up to the hereafter. All the evil will go out. All goodness most pure ever-lasting and immortalized by you’re grandeur protection. To the disciple of Prophet Muhammad saw at period of time, the writer delivers apology. Because of them the ijtihad is opened, visible transparent and easier. May the historian repents and forswear be based on stumbling block, Advising because his tithe in rice hearth and also mind of your oneness (Allah). To the first people, the writer is deeply indebted, although exactly isn’t right for him, because all of beat under his power (Allah). He is the beneficent and the merciful about our wrongdoers. Of course, unforgettable I am grateful to old man. Who finds me guidance up to conviction (Dinul Islam). To your angel who always delivers soft stroking upon your permission especially for your mankind and who takes prayer every night. Who is giving wipers every day, afternoon, yesterday up to now and next future in your hands? He is the creator and the human being is a weakness mankind. We life in this world just a moment, we have to ready to prepare with smiling if the angel of death come. The most holy of God, May this pronouncements in this book to be useful when we fill our spare time, takes if you estimate right and throwing away if you estimate wrong. Because the writer exactly has bad desire, ending for preface, peace regards to you from me…


The Life Pronouncements Of The Poet
These Pronouncements are collected from 1994 up to 2004

1. Looks at my loneliness, to bring close your loneliness without me.
2. Longing is the most holy praying.
3. Expectation is ocean fantasy that becomes full of yearning.
4. The article from longing desire transforms thundering of eternity.
5. Longing adds recall for the shake of blazing struggle.
6. Love becomes one of the roads to the sincerity.
7. The beauty or even the elegance can lift pulley authority.
8. Woman, changes the road of revolution faster from planning.
9. Disappear his enthusiasm, when love hasn’t all kinds of color again.
10. My ability just understands the woman from her beauty.
11. My departure gives secondhand on your eyebrow.
12. I hear calling of longing a lot in your spiritual.
13. Deceit (wind) illuminated is the same of attraction of universe flute.
14. Differentiate supple with powerlessly.
15. His patience is awaited by flock of winged hoary of stork..
16. Not so long time of storm dashes against faithfulness foreland.
17. Quiet rock of your waiting and my wave enfold to sliver.
18. What symptom of body of human being is magnet of love.
19. The beloved smiles help to be loved.
20. And sullening is able to destroy all.
21. Faithfulness makes near to the work of eternity.
22. The biggest energy is comes from clan that is loved.
23. Parting likely vanishing of cloud in the sky.
24. Planted flower in heart is no wilting, most melancholy only.
25. Awaiting is so respect if with a nice greeting.
26. First aid of enragement is smiling.
27. I miss your enragement that is apparent.
28. Is likely denuded by when the one who I love, see my attendance.
29. The most stupid of human being, of course knows language loved and loves.
30. Asking spiritual wave to the one is shaken of his soul.
31. Love is surging yarn on the air.
32. The peaces of mind beautify aspect (face) by itself.
33. Cause love, his belief jar soul and body.
34. The meeting is symbol of luck.
35. Meaning of couple is inscrutable better than the dream.
36. When reciprocating that letter is affront, don’t defile your paper with pen point.
37. When sorrow meets you, sun light felt bad.
38. Once the disloyal people, you don’t be betrayal? Ask apology.
39. His lover make him becomes real; meaning the life becomes unforgettable.
40. Sometimes honest is downright but which lose face-saying love, is liar.
41. When the star speaks, who takes care of night bear dew sun?
42. Freedom similar like spider house that offers quiet and whisper at period of time.
43. Delaying an acquaintanceship of enlarge longing is ego respected to reach devoted.
44. The discovery is beauty and no respected from equality ocean of soul.
45. What hear his dream then execute love, will meet victory.
46. The sun invites to struggle, otherwise the moon appeals in fantasy.
47. Flame pushes smoke to fly, coalescing of it with life air.
48. How I call someone who I love, she doesn’t one to be loved?
49. The mildness of woman can bears masterpiece and adds energy in hoping.
50. Woman has weakness and strength; hence don’t be trustworthy by seeking idealities.
51. Love is growing because remembered, considering and remembered at one who is loved.
52. Word comes from inner heart can jar his (her hearing).
53. Word of maiden always myth of aspect, similar like cat in lap of hoary at the moon.
54. Emotion burns soul likes fight or the blind love, to there is saturated.
55. His worried is the cloud has pageant, if no blazing loves to the world.
56. There is smiling that doubting, from seriousness of someone who has ever hurt.
57. Nice pain is beat severely love for idler to become impetuous.
58. When I know you may not love me, I will run from the first.
59. How beautiful the flower grass is still really the clump grass; their word.
60. I marvel because that grass is flower which ashamed of eulogy.
61. Because his love does not reciprocate so he becomes to be suffered; what is devoted one of view.
62. At least you are exalted although do not love me; saying the worst.
63. The yearning vibrates body, its heating to the throat of thirst of meeting.
64. You are born by love, but dislike is able to bury you.
65. Don’t you hear, voice of wind has news about integrity?
66. When you attend me, hence expiry your time, contemplate; I will enfold you.
67. Come on to talk about in order to each other to realize and back to be loyal.
68. See friend’s face, I know he has sister or brother.
69. Without love, lives only shadow of the feeling.
70. Spirit of love is blown from mystery flute.
71. Who die in loving condition will give gift eternity.
72. I ask something from you, I’ll give my heart as heavy as your integrity.
73. How beauty may not be meant, if it isn’t respected?
74. I kiss her arms for the shake of discovering her heart and she kisses me to have my own wing.
75. Looking into lover atop and when bolting to disappear awareness.
76. Trough the feeling, we understand secret language of children and women.
77. With her brain, women can reach men.
78. In the womb of woman, God creates human being, boys or girls.
79. I see her talking when smile and I can’t hear she said, because I sink in the ocean of her lips.
80. The creator must be the lover but his affection only one; in himself.
81. The nicest singing in house is crying of the baby.
82. And all neighbors in large numbers to witness her dancing
83. Love fertilizes crop and all is allowed to pluck its fruit.
84. I record your heart of my love, and the ocean wave writes my singing.
85. When to the coast, don’t blame wind if having story into it.
86. My soul is alike my body, fond of running holding with its environment.
87. Cloud body is painting do not drag on.
88. The beauty is able to agree something, which is dark.
89. Dear, its wing is far to reach but it doesn’t able to warble; hawk.
90. When I say in fact I lose face, caused only stupidity of mind.
91. He is sincere to discharge his darling, after finding the real love (submission).
92. Fairy seen pretentious when shedding her tears because of her children.
93. Prayer is conscience of slave heart to his God.
94. Oh my god, why I am catty if my wife blesses to your dear (Muhammad).
95. Enjoying the nature and admire it, as much as breath of dzikir to Allah Swt.
96. Moving of soul and spiritual can influence gravitation of someone’s fate.
97. Problem comes up as wisdom if we want to comprehend it.
98. The wisdom is pure water to coolant of soul.
99. Awareness always comes to give apology.
100. Natural singing in the soul and soul song is sung by nature.
101. Sincerity has some luck doors.
102. Majoring reconciliation, respect the bookish and searcher the science.
103. The real searcher of science always worried about his spiritual requirement.
104. All early from kindliness and holy basically.
105. Do not ever close the possibility, because that is blessing, from Allah Swt.
106. Who take care of dew becomes pearl in the awaked night eyes?
107. Listening to time words, before talking to the time.
108. Smoke pushes into the air from despicable combustion and also glorify.
109. Something that new is ready to hypnotize us.
110. Learn, how lunatics hypnotize on road public.
111. The benefaction is hurt, but the bliss comes from feeling pain.
112. The sweet fruit of patience isn’t from the same tree forever.
113. If have felt distress, won’t find misery again.
114. The glory expectation can be oblivious if she works her life by dozing.
115. Make early “amusing” is ill, but next step is so light in weight.
116. A billow of stone has to know the fiber of petrify.
117. Idea and also dream; understand to anomalous space.
118. Learn obduracy from spruce, and learn impregnability at tree of teak; core of season.
119. Longing the rice until I estimate the grass.
120. Hearing the words; life is difficult own though is not own.
121. Eye of wisdom as keen as eye of haw behind the cloud.
122. Truth is history bollard, and bearing civilization.
123. Heaps petrify foundation of patient dream and really friendliness expectation.
124. If all mankind disappear of patience, I don’t know how world later?
125. Mother is ocean for her fishes.
126. A lot of enquiring but do not willing to contemplate is supposing plant but do not willing to sprinkle.
127. If realizing about the world is acknowledgment to religious service, will not feel smart of live.
128. Seriousness without confidence is supposing beat vacuous air.
129. What forget the day of reckoning; will far from teaching of religion.
130. What the searcher of wisdom by way of sinning will get reward?
131. Myth from first born from his dreams of a primitive.
132. Philosophies that still hold myth are like bird in hutch.
133. With patience, wisdom transforms wellspring eternity.
134. Lessen blithe time to work will meet field which doesn’t bethink for.
135. Processing of the dream and dreaming is more some levels from the real life.
136. Sacrificing time for the shake of the time will get the victory.
137. That idea is holy and the denial is sin.
138. Differentiate denial with deduction.
139. Decanted by a life in canvas will transform masterpiece.
140. Perfect emotionalizes at masterpiece will catty to the enjoyer.
141. The beauty of excellency at a wandering that looks for science of wisdom.
142. Constraint in college is dignity, which cannot be changed with money.
143. Don’t wait crop, but scatter the seed on your empty field.
144. A Mystical moves his leaf heart and step by the side of its lip.
145. What is not known yet of kindliness, because closed over (his eyes) by materialism fog.
146. When having new clothes, use to have religious service first; will impressive you.
147. Doing a good deed by mystical (behind back), the possibility of his reward is abysmal of earth and sky.
148. Peripheral for you to become poison, hence you don’t swallow, and more like at criticism caused its bitter is alike medicine.
149. Fear is the ghost waiter in darkness in the life of human being.
150. Praise the rightful claimant, in order to do not be estimated to throw his beloved of abusing.
151. Insider of fear does not reckon at moment of closing of eyes.
152. Seen by turn tail their witness, if we close over their mistaken.
153. May be someone who goes ahead to the heaven invites me to the errant street; and he quickly repent and forswear.
154. Discover light of grassland and take it with holy sentence.
155. What the keep cleaning will be added by some span of his age.
156. Underestimating humanity is the pardoned difficult sin, if it isn’t by tawadhuk.
157. Come in contact with people in wandering, they really have been longed.
158. Glance at something; Means that all off the spiders have been distributed their eating in time.
159. My Kindliness is felt from dear mother prayer corps.
160. And my mistake is felt from my Father thinking.
161. I suspect fully filled of my stomach and I investigate my feeling of hunger, which invites to passes away.
162. Wings of Angel flap cool air in human being body.
163. Don’t be blithe quickly before meet your god of promising in your hearth.
164. What the dozed real safety.
165. Who doesn’t feel safety always awaked?
166. While the form of submission is unity of love.
167. With the holy heart and prescribed ablution before performing prayer ritual; science and inspire will flow into lap.
168. Intention as stock does not used up in the journey and for the firmness of founding.
169. Make your intention has a wing, runs, flies and grows to wander.
170. Intention resembles like magnet; be able to draw needle to near and vibrates plate of iron although the eyes do not see it.
171. Bringing burden till do not able to walk, is painfulness level experience of dumbness.
172. There is killed in emulation because wear the clothes of a wanted (enemy).
173. What know his reward and honor situation only boaster.
174. A wandering whom searches science better sleeps do not mattress.
175. Mount of somebody is counted, cries in front of the god several times.
176. Don’t ask if later engulf your confidence, hence hear and read it.
177. Occasionally engulf your confidence until his deepness.
178. Sometimes we need to attack benefaction to find his essence.
179. See through you soul; caused life is heavy if flying at the same time spread emotion.
180. How wise munches own self until finding ocean of honey.
181. Forgive him, because still fear to be devoted by doesn’t know herself yet and you.
182. There is level of life Spirit and physics who similar its crumple in the sky.
183. Eternity mirror bringing the heart at resuscitation to go to the benefaction island.
184. Sleeping is moment death, while the dream; journey that isn’t guessed.
185. Death is disjointing of soul and moving spirit to the world eternity.
186. Who know the time of his death, likes the sailor who understands for boundary of his hurl.
187. Two workers, is enough to be the witness of the truth in front of you.
188. Downright the faithful do not eyewitness again for his conviction.
189. Which always remember and always alert, very understand to exhortation although softly.
190. Who has masterpiece, removes his life to the endless form; of congeniality of age.
191. Intend again to work, hence you will know your self; brave man or are beaten.
192. One-self as room and full of air, similar you live it up in self-people.
193. The mad people are understood and meet to the number of wisdom which does not understand.
194. Praying of people who hasn’t here at your self appear; you are tied to each other in all the time.
195. All mystical see the world likes dregs, although one of them is beggar.
196. Pour me about mean of ocean of the infinite; I will learn your (God) sky.
197. Gives me overflowing of your sky I will understand my heart ocean to you.
198. Be forgotten at passing supremacy atmosphere and meet the similar smiling.
199. To the big stone, he is ramming his head and only he that discover his fraction.
200. The one who likes his distress does not feel the real difficulty.
201. There is someone who doing peccadillo to concentrate religious service which more reward (?).
202. Downright people can evaluate the seriousness of other people.
203. And his spiritual (the honest people) isn’t easy to be deceived.
204. Downright people have the safe opportunity or (lucky) or to be saved.
205. If you know that you’re deceived then don’t smile, may be having stupidity of powder.
206. Maturity is colored by his era but the most important is willingness to create.
207. The patience is not opened yet victory. And sincerity of manful is the most awful fight of heart field.
208. The grief transforms nice strength to win game.
209. If dug and mounted by the doubt, deeper and higher of confidence.
210. Awareness ought to stick, in its wisdom; easy to experience the life.
211. The best advising from within oneself after operation of soul at stability distance.
212. Many loosing will get many getting.
213. Who feels loss, progressively understands about him in fact.
214. In spiritual road, there is calm doubt; caused time is not slapping face yet.
215. Awaiting or delaying is the question of idler people.
216. Balance between self-importance in among atmosphere; you will be mature.
217. Myth is more glorious than high expectation without sound.
218. Dream is more glory than unworkable dreaming.
219. Problems do not be finished simply sitting but take a seat moment, you will meet the best way.
220. Determining of choosing is felt easier, if its time is arrived (jam in).
221. Rigging of Affection grow fur in wing, facilitates of reaching the purpose.
222. Ask eyesight durability to look into at kindliness.
223. And ask the bold of energy of wisdom from darkness (covetousness).
224. Whittle is seen by cruel, when narrates the memory, disappear obsolence of conduction.
225. When the pain is passed by, then meet the happiness, weakness has power again.
226. I very enjoy at the moment (regularly) of healing.
227. If the pain is felt particularly, hence we’ll know how expensive the health.
228. Deaf of disease even also caused by flu.
229. Sign of monarchic adds specter sneaking that have occasion to plunge into you.
230. Taking a fancy to road; nice street, if to the lose ones street, he is boarded up.
231. Come on learn candid in one small matter firstly and that addition is easy.
232. The one who is giving also waiting for reciprocation comes near gambling deed.
233. Entering the time of your stillness and hearing the song of his secret.
234. Oh. Female clan, what is your billow; is devoted to in order to walk up to around secret.
235. Peace in the blankness of heart is empty, but calm and quiet by peace is contained.
236. In hearing by calm of sound, otherwise there is no sound.
237. At the moment of closing of eyes are seen by shadow.
238. Is required by a moment of coherence to determine decision.
239. There is sneaking quicken fast progress for the assiduous looks for the truth.
240. Fishnet of silk is a moment to determine free or punished.
241. A period can also bring out of free wing to the sky of luck.
242. Happiness of bringer see his shepherding stir to munch grass.
243. Contemplate this experienced of bandage air about fog-time will non-stopped to elapse.
244. Happily to the one who is always bear by dawn, from the night of contemplation.
245. Accept the infinite gift (from God) even sometime hurt, sign is your anomaly.
246. Respect the bookkeeping and instructor by right, as searching science early.
247. Science is more beautiful than you, but undue jealous you place here.
248. If wishing “killing” do’t read beforehand.
249. Science in the form of sentences, one of the secrets expressed.
250. Patch and impose the clothes which torn, as early lesson of voyage.
251. A little time of bethinks for, so lessen (hopeless) of longer life.
252. Bethink for and having young soul, when old-year becomes mirror of pyramid.
253. Every dancer has been whet, before find ecstasy motion of her soul.
254. When passing the oase, she closes her book then read the whisper of wind.
255. At the same road and the different time meant similar, she willn’t be back.
256. Go forward to wait for beaten severely by an ass supposing and a bird listen to follow its instinct.
257. See, how gull plays to anticipate wave at the same time captivate.
258. I think the wave is older than rock. Do you know what I meant?
259. Waiting of rock that is uselessness, caused do not able into deepness.
260. Realizing your idea; there is a period of live of your breath at writing.
261. Post dream will be done really with soul flame up.
262. Respect pen dance for experienced energy and it’s not open from vindictive energy.
263. Very a lot of text of attempt to attend the best work.
264. The idea is amazing and inspire is a kind of clarification.
265. Masterpiece is able to denude his creator, at one blow make secret in it.
266. Expression multiplies experience and they get the news only.
267. Creates tower is not fallen down with a crash, creates its basic as deep as in earth desire you have sexual intercourse.
268. People hitch wagon to a star always compares the activity.
269. Who hates something, because knows the effect only and blinds of causing.
270. My die does not bring sheet of papers, so takes care of my life ink.
271. Many times partition off, supposing read at domination plain.
272. The painting is happiness, in spite of pour sorrow.
273. That poem is easiness written, although saying misery.
274. Masterpiece and have propaganda is better than organizational making that is not having one soul.
275. Heart and natural existence of working, one of the five senses as questioner and sincerity of chevalier soul.
276. Side line, lay down and the dyeing, is discontinuing opportunity.
277. You have more opportunity than your figure before, because (having) your soul.
278. The most appalling speculation is billiard playing.
279. Study about the history sufficiently but don’t spundly asleep, create with your confidence later.
280. Learn the sun of symptom, cloud, star-moon which inviting to be patient.
281. More and more learn from them, will forbore how abysmal is it.
282. Little by little the dream is expressed from light goes to the raging.
283. Workably he is enough happily although his expectation is piled up by nowadays.
284. Dream and work, you will harvest the result logically and spiritually.
285. “Can” not yet that “can” because ability is awareness of strength.
286. While “can” can be done subconsciously and does not have real energy.
287. Much more the post, feeling in front newly has a notion.
288. Letting ripen up to calm water until before dedicate it.
289. What live but his is soul dying, because his goal is served a sentence by circumstance.
290. Suicide soul is which does not have aspiration at all.
291. People of free-independent are which can walk through his goal.
292. The best light is others experience.
293. The progress is hurt but the better part, happy smiling.
294. Direct diffuse when artist is working his masterpiece.
295. And the poet doesn’t fail happy when his dream history is painted.
296. And surely felled a desire after happy, really the human being quickly thirst.
297. Masterpiece becomes best healing therapy is the malefactor.
298. There is fluent theorize, but in having words is to still spell.
299. Incubus of walker; dying don’t know where and make smolder in chest?
300. Mix surprise thank goodness when the prayer granted, then evil breezes arrogance.
301. There is someone who reads a book as buoyant moment race horse; penyuntuk (creator).
302. There is similar reading book of cat slouch; the woolgatherer.
303. There is similiar reading book likes ass beaten severely, when reading as combatant.
304. There is reading book of like zephyr of read moment as devoted friend.
305. She real corrects a long when her prayer does not be replied, if dissolve let loose of her angrily, her awareness to lowliness base.
306. Painting of canvas, paper and pen, and a cup of coffee arrange the composition.
307. The character of moderation form spiritual of peaceful is foamed by prosperity.
308. When arising hesitant-certainly is planted deeply, then the logical reasoning is back to agree.
309. Fertilizes patience with positive activity, will get real victory later.
310. If life is waiting, hence let ripen our self before fetched by a period of.
311. Be calm, in order to overflowing of wisdom can you pluck from your memory.
312. The fruits are found by wander that more have a meaning of separate for him.
313. Why the wiser is often slammed and upraised of scorpion required?
314. Feed lunatic, to avoid craziness your private.
315. Please make the happiness for the children, in order to you feel happiness.
316. When we feel does not become something, light step after.
317. Drunkard alike arrogant, which have circumstance of ritually impure, disappear his attractiveness also does not have shield again.
318. Mirror and comb your hairs, you will find calmness glint.
319. Drizzling voice in the middle of night is hoary whisper.
320. The wisdom of fragrance can take care of personality, calm also authority.
321. As simple as using perfumery, in order to the substance slander.
322. Give perfumery of august stony, in order to get enchanting glint.
323. One of way of discovering the meaning of lives, by way of kilo meters of street.
324. Spirit consists of soul, while soul is having feel.
325. Mind is having spirit and soul is contained voices from within.
326. What take care of repeatedly chant part of the confession of faith and mind, awaked from long perverting.
327. Learn your age to disentangle something and minimizing to free own self.
328. If do not capable, remove a last fish and look how it swims.
329. What have his sweet moved rapidly his faith, of course understand how sweet of faith.
330. How silent ethics of mankind’s heart without belief in god.
331. Enjoying world ever the addiction, and which combine in abundance eternity.
332. Character of nerimo ing pandum (receiving whatever gave by God), will facilitate the adaptation to quicken step faster.
333. What starve for science-love adventurer; love on adventuring by readly and research.
334. Meeting permanent the union cause of rhythm with inner heart, of course creates longing.
335. Correctness that view focus of light, presenting colour also form.
336. Chant part of the confession of faith mystical is more beautiful; saying mousy houri.
337. Mistake bears compunction, but why stills a lot of neglecting.
338. Wanderer which read, is always gived a smile and acetic looking himself.
339. What do the fatigue; a lot of wisdom miscarriages his head.
340. Brave eye capable to lour sunshine; saying the young fellow.
341. Wacky epoch is true; the poor man is difficult to look for friend.
342. Wacky epoch is true; determiner people (civilian) have a lot of friend.
343. Prostitute calumny transforms prayer, which does not be evaded, once thunder of heart drag storm.
344. A swallow of prigi water, strengthening blazer to pass his certainly.
345. Wander, you will meet your self through of your best friends.
346. Mean of wander; conscious the life is faster than keep silent.
347. If you are benefactor, there is no hoping you are scorned.
348. Searcher of sublime stone -anxious, because there does not feel yet (understand) special for himself.
349. Correctness of lives is test and the middle course ought to always be taken care of.
350. Tongue complains witness of supremacy of science and so become smaller to see this world.
351. What admire a masterpiece but doesn’t masterpiece is conversationalist.
352. Work is tire because ambition and conscious after puking.
353. Really enjoy correctness of if working is existence of inner heart calling.
354. What similar experienced petrify to keep fire and petrify save water.
355. Foundation of live is feeling the painfulness.
356. Forget is a shape of lessen prisoner time.
357. People called loudly that his life does not willing to accept destiny.
358. Repellent of worry or the sneaking is readily to read.
359. Differentiate the spirit and ambition.
360. Poorness hides most valuable estate; tough namely.
361. Houri waits for sweat of farmer which heat of day farm.
362. I keep distance with condonation hard giver, as far as staring.
363. Gladness; cannot control the flight of most float.
364. Painfulness takes off from its seat, having power in full of confidence.
365. Measure your dream, and you will convince that life in respect of grave.
366. I cannot stay for long time in house of plutocrat that measuring his estae.
367. And I cannot bear at home of the a’lim that measuring deepness of his science.
368. Hear of advising and bear with to devote.
369. Take a care to pride upon child, because can grow arrogancy.
370. Time and move very have an effect on big in determining road; street lives somebody.
371. What have the high artistic soul is ready to confess and respect of spiritual somebody.
372. There is no sentence cannot be comprehended if you are accepted firstly.
373. Is not the ripe fruit in its tree is more scrumptious than carbide?
374. Differentiate high aspiration with greed.
375. Often to take a bath of repent and forswear, you will be fresh and peace inside and outside.
376. I estimate which the surrenderness will always in bombing and guided of his way.
377. Multitude in silence is noise and crowded in the silence is solitude.
378. What make proper to become guide is the one who has the well-established soul.
379. Although without light-ascertaining you can determine something because you are the light.
380. Enjoy your silences that been hurt till have a meaning.
381. Enragement seed comes from hurried.
382. What snappish, stand by to accept failure.
383. Sign of people who quickly hopelessly are one who are thin-skinned.
384. Fulminate heart can be measured by candidness and can be deliberated by ownself.
385. Find new words after forgetting.
386. Behave coherent for the authority.
387. Differentiate coherence luridly.
388. Their wing is burnt near in campfire of certainly.
389. Hauling long breath after witnessing big masterpiece, and ashamed mix with jealous made by it.
390. Draw awareness coats, and then arrange it by a piece of memory.
391. Wing feathers of east bird are destined for pen of all writers.
392. He-owe a lot to clan of women for masterpiece – masterpiece of his creation.
393. After read the history will be buttressed, some couriers attend were not easy to.
394. Mixture of color, word, time also place, add weight of his masterpiece.
395. The best decision is more make surprise than hill of gold of entire.
396. The fulling really and happy masterpiece, causes the result is so real into the soul.
397. Human being has heart and brain amaze when required.
398. What do not do to day, tomorrow will not be happened, and be difficult to reach accuracy.
399. I like your freedom that can take the choicing to have goal.
400. Sometime accepted by seriousness indecisively and with draw to near to confidence.
401. They do not know when he is among two opinion and two possibility or both of them.
402. Healed by a calm room; supposing like costly bird.
403. Followed by a big butterfly is prominent of guest; friend word.
404. Soul is not equal one atmosphere when look into something different.
405. Soul and opinion is able to realize forms of possibility.
406. The possibility that be solved by is alike working of atom bomb.
407. Look at before and ride your hoping until be blossom.
408. If the life is debt to planted values, pay with have masterpiece.
409. Planning and also beginning doubt, doesn’t need to be thrown.
410. Every sweat, make to transform all gold ink.
411. Untimely take decision on the surface, which truly can be finished in calmness way, will be its origin.
412. Better success in high risk than not success and low risk, but in big situation do not be able to breathe.
413. Three years of too early are silent and three years of late are hiatus.
414. And a year appropriately is mastering a century, if earning to pass it will be history.
415. Which patience of other people is value with him is never learnt about patient.
416. Calm soul fully with waiting will be happened, and what extends is revolution.
417. Look at the bird flying in a dream, when perceiving in a weakness cancel the intention.
418. I have their mirror; what do not vanish by stone hurl, do not be blocked by echo cloud.
419. Conundrum live is quickly replied by all spinner of clothes.
420. Bright people read his stupid, while fool men are trapped in his deed.
421. Humanity is entire of body, and inequitable eliminates one of it.
422. Be grateful because is safe from your oblivions.
423. From your life, you enter their room, in fact, (their rooms) in the same utilization of it.
424. The rules to be skipped over by, when adherence is alike mistaken.
425. The biggest mistake born from the doubt.
426. Inventor does not so long time to get laws of his creating, if reads his dreams.
427. You know the method of take a rest for yourself.
428. Masterpiece hasn’t been finished yet by debt supposing, what wait to be paid by age.
429. Because of friendship, he can survive until now.
430. The friendship is life tree; fruit and leaf are the wisdom or disaster.
431. Young love of opposite gender will lessen to his number of friend, unseen even.
432. Friendship is tree transplantation of brotherhood; bearing fruit according to is destiny.
433. Wander which being lost swell expense and need more time to finish.
434. Thinking laps to the sky does not get anything, besides its energy, and it is a little.
435. It flies to be left by its shadow, avoid will ending of breath of masterpiece.
436. My love at masterpiece because they assume life to me, if having masterpiece.
437. If no recognizing, then who have the honors to pray me.
438. Self-bravery is key to be able to although sometime is perforce.
439. The life is energetic and looks for fresh strength for its expectation.
440. Science and experience (knowledge) makes someone life style.
441. Better the time wait us than we wait it (the time).
442. Don’t be ashamed of failure after finding victory in the heart.
443. Sketch of kindliness from common sense and sketch of badness of mind is result from horrible thinking.
444. Which self-pamper is epoch slave and does not have real song.
445. I hope my future is fully with people sincerity appreciate the honest of masterpiece.
446. I have winged glorious era of policy; saying my life hunch.
447. The planning doesn’t come true even hopes too worry, but deed will realize.
448. Personal people go forward always insufficiency consciousness and continue to search and try new technique.
449. Refreshing natural existence and feeling with altered situation also diffuse to its nature soul.
450. Better fallen from sky than fallen from tree; brave words.
451. If there is opportunity and there is brave man exploit it, means that he takes profit from them (around him).
452. If life is no dream, no very bright idea on earth; dreamer said.
453. Processing of dream follows the example of dream; saying the initiator.
454. A success influence environment because know the character.
455. Easy to once influence environment because understand its requirement.
456. A coward mentioned that he had adult, while experienced one didn’t mention anything.
457. Freshness of life is better seeking from previously process.
458. Pain in journey when ford confidence, it will confirm his believing.
459. Those confidences are something that is stuck, and trust as its fitrah.
460. Who are hungry and self-thirsty, for the shake of dream to fact edge?
461. Peckish, you will find real revolution energy.
462. Peckish before and atb the time bearing masterpiece, so that no unnecessarily hemorrhage when bearing it.
463. Craziness do not be assumed as madness to which often feel peckish.
464. A young man is incarnation of deity, because of his willing to be in power.
465. There is possibility to get perfection, namely die or madness.
466. Up to zero boundary of returning, determining the craziness is also still difficult.
467. There is place so zero degree; every enthusiasm is likely broken by nature.
468. All revolutionary arrange their life early on and love their dreams.
469. Perfect form of dickens is colonization of fellow being.
470. The writer soul is healed after scattering peacefulness for humanity.
471. War does not forever effect of and try to make causing.
472. Causing is fundamental of idea, and idea is fundamental from this life.
473. I hesitate the concept of your democracy otherwise I am very democratize; one who is defeated.
474. Dead of something can be awakening because there is a rousing and the beginning of moving (-living) from which the most understand (God) of spirit.
475. Child who is survivor from disaster, some day will become leader among them.
476. His revolutionary teacher has to accept his pupil protest, although sometime that foolish.
477. Revolution mostly like child sink in the river, can’t swim, so that he crawls to safety edge.
478. In all matter you are beaten, if reciprocating with the same weigh, its mean you are the coward.
479. Confidence of young man is assumed by foolish, because isn’t done before (by all elder).
480. Value of beauty is able to decide the moving of revolution, supposing gulping water in the tired night.
481. Revolution who realize dreaming to become fact, only a bit of meaning of God’s existence.
482. Dreaming and fact is two roads, which can show dignity.
483. I admire them in as brief as their age is able to influence civilization.
484. There is more glorious from popularity; namely the eternity which often the world questioned.
485. I often kill the sleepy if does not willing to entirely mix with fatigue.
486. Sacrificing the time for the shake of vengeance, its penitent is endless.
487. The vengeance only at dictionary of the one eye man, that is parochial.
488. Better has willingness although can’t yet, than we can but do not have willingness.
489. Which throw small cards with happiness, the observer will be difficult to guess it.
490. Who knows the personality of someone else is easy to weaken and also easy to give motivation.
491. Fight your nightmare against, in order to handcuff at your myths.
492. When were born big time, will be slammed sissy of one who is defeated.
493. Revolution is not outside of its glimpse, but from within cauldron of self-mankind.
494. In the self of nation, there are blazing to sting as breaking of star war.
495. New dawn and newly; alike the sun revolutionize itself.
496. When fatigue is continued. Where is security arm rest?
497. Hold-up man that has future knife is far in having shy feeling to the meaning of responsibility.
498. War; one of knowledge area which someone can allured untill love it.
499. When world feel full in infecting the spirit of returning to nature.
500. From war hope change, resembling like teak tree is leafy again.
501. In war of people feel young, this is psychological of penyuntuk (creator).
502. Revolution as rapid as rain, solving its glass body at stoney of yearning.
503. Supposing revolution of kind of wavy double-bladed dagger, which isn’t having in benefaction yet.
504. Revolution is unfinished masterpiece and will not be finished.
505. Spirit of revolution comes from nature and will return to natural law.
506. Motion fluctuate weight when still bring body burden.
507. Accelerate aside feels light because hurl of mankind.
508. Bomber plane follows motion to go down and quickened by gravitation energy.
509. Scrambling in front firstly because illusion peacefulness has no price.
510. No one buys illusion peacefulness except the cowards that have brittle chair.
511. Construction of state intrudes on-hand of the new people who learn how to govern.
512. How Fatal is listening go passion and overrule history feeling.
513. Early civilizations when mankind met cave then entering it.
514. Echo in cave transforms singing and scarving of its wall was the first art.
515. Then new people have philosophy, do not far from him, ascetic bail calmly.
516. Fugitive (time) ran, picking at and held crying in the prisoner.
517. When civilization of peripatetic third world is moved, first and second are effected.
518. Effect is thundering of awareness of upheld idealism.
519. Life is loss; do not do the step more loss because do not know the name of broke.
520. Get drunk of dreaming is formed by fact and get drunk in fact is affected in the dreaming.
521. King in throne, his arms draw near to the cloud.
522. No war-no slavery and all slaves are incarnation of kings.
523. Don’t be overconfident to doctor if understood and memorize own self.
524. There is nothing of ingredient of thabib, compared with your really confidence to the healing.
525. The history continues to walk and you follow or followed? Or killed?
526. Ferocious death in heavy life will be memorized, and the softness of wind is endless.
527. Execute odorous legend of jasmine, truth of fragrant from its calyx fragrant.
528. A couple of ants admire the ocean, and the wise one brings them to sail, but the ants are regret.
529. Street musician better make real impressing level off, rather than is blithe.
530. If hoping fee, all street musician has to recite the memory.
531. The who has hand watch at his arms so often to cancel the time.
532. The one who has calendar in his house, feels his life becomes so long.
533. One of the characteristics that get guideline of Allah is ever mindful of die.
534. The productive writer is like bird flies, which doesn’t mind whoever.
535. The one who be busy with high desire, criticism, and greeting assumed by him as wind pass.
536. Learn to become stage manager early on and express your fantasy by that.
537. Earthly fear in mind and does not in the opposite of heart.
538. All sellers wait buyer, after enough trying.
539. All sellers fasting are with their capital.
540. The food of fool (gluttonous its science) that bright people is real meaning.
541. Don’t be very spacious effervescence but select it; the one who walks in peaceful effervescence will b safe the body to defect, take the best possibility.
542. Don’t be enough of satisfy because the world is loaded by reality and life dreaming.
543. Which life is assumed is no (omission) because its fool.
544. Improper people have feeling and there is no calm of life peace.
545. Abundant then copious can make cannot bear it, do not like to stay at one place for long time.
546. Don’t ask to irate man, because his awareness is half percent.
547. Lie to one problem, branches (for continuing) lie also.
548. I hear that life is journey, hence will exclaim; run!
549. The best obstacle stone in form of sharply become sharp to hurt-self also leave a trace.
550. Delicious or not of food depends on cud think at awareness of peckish.
551. Luck is able to defeat logic and can not be bought.
552. Luck is helping of god that does not be surprised.
553. Luck that is guessed and expressed is belief in god.
554. Swallow the bait of plan – real, which only sees its husk.
555. Formula of dream is logical statement of inner heart calling.
556. Although moon of a half flatten, its light does not lessen to shine the night.
557. The bird chirp passes over the silent of night is signed the rain stop.
558. See other button hole add longing to your flower and your dream is forgotten.
559. Rainy sky rapidly teaches to does not hesitate or quickly breakdown motivation.
560. Accept the opinion of other people with respect smiling, but don’t forget to take care of your beginning idea.
561. Their trust to us is masterpiece which longer increase its value.
562. Overcast and rain is the sacred of life, while thunder nearby anger-Allah.
563. Rain delivers-my birth that excavate the cool; eyewitness word.
564. I am jealous at finder, I hope they catty to my life.
565. Retreat a step if because of invitation, and then run as soon as does not be predicted.
566. Motion of evective-efisien rhythm ought to be scarce wittingly and natural existence.
567. Learn really and self-confidence is craziness of all rationalists.
568. The religion is spirit the culture is behavior, while the other is the complement of life.
569. If culture is soul of time, masterpiece and the world give mass for voices.
570. God degrade the holy books (Al-Qur’an), likes dew in heart of morning.
571. Restraint of lust atmosphere is highest fasting, and its reward is longed by thousands kindliness.
572. Reputedly market; many working can be imitated but faith is not. Will it be like if can?
573. Which other are tested of his believing to the God, he is allowing the release of human august values.
574. Bethink for and utter a prayer in praise of god, while quickest journey is to surrender our self to Allah.
575. Word “not” is word is prison and “yes” is incarnation of struggle.
576. Being “hesitating” or “doubt” is a cloud flock delay rain.
577. There is parallel epitomizing with symbolized, owning equation of melody of his estuary, and there is epitomizing of married with symbolized.
578. My enthusiasm of intention becomes legend, is mustered by set of my time partner with my fate; conceptor.
579. Poem is silent song oscillation which read off trough reading.
580. Poem is dancing that presented if is read on podium.
581. Poem represents good news that is created from spiritual painfulness.
582. Poem, which decanted in room- anomalous time transform something glorious.
583. Poem cannot be painted in fact, if hope chastity dimension.
584. But how we know that the poem is holy or not, if doesn’t be portrayed.
585. Poem come in three dimensions of life, how she is “in” and “in” is born;
586. First; poem record past time which load a wise and also nowadays.
587. Second; poem record occurrence around the creator or nowadays which stays in its age.
588. Third; poem record in a period of future and endless because helping of God.
589. Step in midnight is felt quickly- because its gravitation flex to mist.
590. At day time they create each gravitation, till oppress by thousands of step on foot.
591. Shoplifter that is difficult to be forgiven by, is the shoplifter of drugs at the hospital.
592. Many peoples say; money has no value if entering to the hospital.
593. Corruptor spend dirty money is alike finishing his happiness.
594. Look at the world only conscious iridescent colored podium, surely it is only split second.
595. Which have interspersed his passion, he must quicker to repent and forswear.
596. Westerner says; better build bread factory and let them hunger above the mount of bullet.
597. When aim to endways east, you see sun is a half of water and half of fire.
598. Grey days of young fellow, more vindictive than a big plan.
599. Motion of continuing is sprinkling the energy, and its flame to dot concentration.
600. Appeal or propaganda facilitate idea to enter the mind and heart, without the limit of his nation also his husk colour.
601. Revolutionary out of his painfulness brought liberation teachings.
602. A rationalist says; who understands the situation of supposing of his god.
603. The arrogant actor feels, that god simply ally friend.
604. There is nature of the infinite in our self, and that human being is god split second; saying the forgetful.
605. Reputedly in tip of atheism; if there is still a god, he has planning.
606. Don’t be anxious because I am not fetter; I do not steal what you have.
607. Take, which becomes yourself and my expectation, does not less from you.
608. A word is struggle and colours make its soul.
609. Read psychologically of its writer if wishing more than simply book reader.
610. Body; firewood, flame is its soul and holy result charcoal ash of him.
611. Moment elapse during shake hand to be forgotten and the moon accounts sin.
612. Tear of love fertilizes devoted seed and affirm step to ford confidence.
613. Curved of body hair by keen crying, and glance of captivate to bring into contact to longing.
614. I make a fool of which only seeing my clothes and she has sin at moment when see me smiling.
615. God does not have the honour to see your shadow, more than anything else your clown body; hypocrisy.
616. Whether making friends shabby impetuous people, than do by them which pretend stir.
617. Darling; there is lowly of me, but also take my words.
618. Behave commend at contagious stingy of his science.
619. Behave foolish to the one who has soft touch to give his science.
620. There are more glories; that is feeling himself alike the empty glass.
621. Felicitation or love compassion is debt, this become to disturb.
622. Foamy sky ocean of cumulus, dashing down drizzle to the earth.
623. Don’t be old of look at wave of cloud, hence you doze as in coast.
624. Poets break or develop his generation with natural existence trough the feeling.
625. Poet pours feeling of his spiritual to be contemplated.
626. You do not sure when naked and full of settling when get dress.
627. Object look into life because seeing it with life view.
628. Object look into death when seeing it look into death.
629. What the old one felt too slow at his young, hence let’s make a tight which loosen mentioned.
630. Lightening your wander burden like recreation to welcome new dawn.
631. Myth rear, while dream block and nowadays is your history.
632. Real correct of answering is not course its truth, by it needs the importance of accuracy.
633. Don’t drop your aspiration before spirit leave physic.
634. I can not stand up a long, but be able to walk so far.
635. Human being of many concealing than which is said; word the ascetic.
636. When kissing unlucky better be silent, there is will be awaking you.
637. Healing of feeling of his illness but he be happy with sorrowful of his lonely.
638. Do quota of my granted prayer is finished? Then I am repent and forswear after replied.
639. Don’t underestimate to diffuse time, wait you are ridden over by it.
640. Selling of falsehood like eating fruit of maja.
641. What is give a smile by looking the sky is the downright of passing by quickly.
642. Overripe of chili takes care of its grudge, but he still has heart; do not kill the feeling.
643. The stupidity is not bleeding crashing, only the seller led and lose-face.
644. Accept “word” in soul before dry sweat lulling the physic.
645. The first rain don’t be blithe, this evening you will get flue.
646. Previously has not been realized yet if incur accident, the accident comes after been realized.
647. There is echo in space that almost hopelessly; vomiting and also choosing.
648. Holy water of shield, which is well taken care of by candidness, can be abraded by exhibit behaviors.
649. Ability (steadiness)-after passed by a kind of painfulness.
650. No season to have masterpiece indeed, because all is depend on soul.
651. Wood isn’t sprinkled yet by rain, supposing delayed dream.
652. Rule likes weighing-machine, can be changed by sweat or even lazy.
653. Rule of destiny is incarnated in every second atom by utterance “yes” or “no.”
654. Every symptom of time is tied by a period of coming which has been designated.
655. Nostalgia makes the time become wrinkled, in the morning kiss odorous of grass.
656. Meaning of life is alike take twig for the shake of metal money in the market.
657. Inteljen is like housemaid whisper to my wife’s ear, bolting to sleep, my wife whisper to me, and then in my chest there is mystery slipped between mysteries.
658. Pillar maker fly over considers diffusion irrigate in land.
659. Time leaves the lulling one, when motivated is reached by the era, while thunderous of soul is its wing.
660. Finishing of word is skipped over, custom in stepping across, especial people of self-surrender.
661. World does not only the fog, illness is life and negligence is the death is.
662. Addressing wet dewy will be accepted with soul head fresh.
663. You give the time, will be presented place for you.
664. In your painting there is spirit in my chest room; saying the observer.
665. Love dedicating a flower of dint body in odorous night.
666. God, give the reality of hesitate to be ascertained to smile of maiden.
667. A half flattens of moon in my eyes, mark the binding of sun.
668. Planning is decomposing his heart tick and saved in plan tube.
669. Mosquito peeps in hilly of body, for life it hurts.
670. Dismember love in heart tick, dismember of other are allowed to waste away.
671. Castigate speed of heart much quicker than natural extent.
672. When reading, gives the word under line if you lionize.
673. Periphery note does not defile if gone to sharply meaning.
674. Don’t become receiver, but become giver execute wave.
675. Time is certainty and doesn’t motion quickly although you run.
676. Bookworm without music memory supposing like bud without wind.
677. Night ripen the fruits which is hanged in its-tree.
678. Pass the street of peace, will arrive earlier until without waiting.
679. Be skillful around, addressed to hidden from soft world the most.
680. No complaining sigh in climbing of night, and sun born in its foot.
681. Wake up in the night, in order to your soul always awaked.
682. Thousands stars lighten the night, although without a face of moon.
683. Become part of all important night and part of noon that stuck.
684. Monarchic of night which mastering dawn and twilight of life; poet.
685. When your gracious is filled by singing of longing, hence born the moon.
686. Busy people earn in luring, but tempted unlikely candid people.
687. Wear mascara or speak to lessen your sleepy.
688. There is light science that is taken, there is also falling flash of light which gives one.
689. Attitude of grateful goodness and liberal is able to refuse disaster also broaden bosom.
690. Happy which can give benefit to others life.
691. Feeling and also firmness of poet softer than a maiden.
692. Weep of bachelor more precious than honour of women.
693. Looked into evanescent light of them, when its speed passed.
694. Realize to the number of space-time also dedicating your solitary.
695. A lot of anaesthetized by pearl, but why do not be surprised by its seeking?
696. The music is soul that wafting and a song is a soul formed.
697. Who takes the words without that idea?
698. Be reflective likes bird looking into the mirror above lake.
699. Reading the book is paint that will not finish or empty, and paintbrush which is not fatigue to dance.
700. Do not be denied, hilly little by little; that’s a thousand of mountains.
701. Auto suggestion a kind of myth is an element shaper of knowledge.
702. The most special autosuggestion and glory is love.
703. Feeling represents result of memories friction and experience.
704. If we had arrived, likely meaning didn’t need anymore.
705. The sunlight is a material, and the moon beam is a spiritual.
706. Memory is address which in purpose to hence developing.
707. World does not coincidence; but each other trade-offs, refrain from-refraining from.
708. Afraid, shy, hope also worried is in the love, how wide is the ocean.
709. How can flying more than the reality, otherwise its wing is reside in.
710. Spirit represents on life meaning which is lived, or something that meant or mean.
711. A bird learns to leaf, cloudy also tributary, he is the child of sun and moon.
712. If the prophet is told because versifying poems, of course woman as the god.
713. Many poets bounce the beauty but aren’t understood by their selves.
714. Whom have the heart to disturb lake calmness, is not give you all.
715. If narrowing the time have religious service, your time is narrowed by God.
716. Two eyes but a view, gives teaching about concentration.
717. The spirit which is dusty disperses to peep out embers.
718. The soul which immerse in ocean of love.
719. There is no anathema, existing of certainty.
720. Take a rest with half of sleep, you will meet world between hallucination-fact.
721. Text represent iron bar to facilitating to see vibration, after coming near magnet of thinking.
722. Millions of experiences without gazed is only empty barrel pertain.
723. One contemplation sentence transforms millions of fact and possibility.
724. Time was born, born instrument voice that passes angel wings.
725. Every word is a prayer, every prayer must be heard, hence be careful to deafen something, I admonish.
726. The masterpiece is vision; taking the best, throw away the wrong.
727. Expectation can slow down infection, and as defence of potent.
728. The expectation of street makes happy and as life of idea.
729. Is not the time that does not conduct, but location of untrue room.
730. To recognize the starting have to love in front.
731. Be careful if search the earnings with your opinion.
732. Feeling as the first of knowledge; saying the lover.
733. The brain of philosopher supposing of torpedo, once turn around to have effect at the convict of idea.
734. We are often made by idea and self-confidence; saying the friend.
735. In the world; there is no one way, but so many kinds way of life.
736. Allah grants your prayer does not mean your steward him, and you are the king.
737. Instinct which creating and streams also madzhab-madzhab.
738. Become power do not master because not heart felt of course accepted yet.
739. Desire in command is power of it self.
740. Desire is spirit of power.
741. Everybody is mastered, happy which mastered by benefaction.
742. Miracle and miracle are a science, but in science of is no miracle or which is named by miracle.
743. The change of temperature in the body is quickly by seriousness or doubt.
744. A nature behave of philosopher is to doubt something before coming into confidence of his logical reasoning.
745. Shuffle through human heart in plan, as the sign of God’s power.
746. Impression is acceptance that bears the messages.
747. The idea represents the products of memory riding imagination.
748. Imagination born with a set of logic which in dramatizing.
749. The Idea is a have abysmal, while the imagination which is in passing.
750. The word “moment” occupying big rooms that called as time.
751. In word “will be” is saved more energy to continue.
752. Word “had” is the solving of imaginary and the word “already” represented real agreement.
753. Word “if” represents withdrawal from a distance.
754. Word “if” is if which based on.
755. Word “if” as if which appeal.
756. Word “if” that expectancy which is burdened on feels shy.
757. Hunch is a kind of guess coming from clarification or spiritual transparent of human being.
758. Hunch more than logic, his opening for vehicle of imagination, but guided by light of confidence.
759. Hunch above myth at faze as father of knowledge.
760. The magic is visible sharpening of a hallucination.
761. Hallucination attends because its weakness of logic and the strength of imagination energy.
762. Word “stop” is ascertained cessation, or to be believed on promise of calmness.
763. Imagination still in awareness, only its rational tying is very diffuse.
764. Common sense without feeling is running dry, and feeling without common sense is blind.
765. All of abstraction, absurd, also illusory, if repeated or studied-circumstantial, will find its essence. So, all impossible is possible.
766. Which make impossible because awareness onto impossibility.
767. There is systematic device in human being brain and the feeling attenuating it.
768. Deceptions in research often emerge because of dishonesty and also by stupidity of perception.
769. Hence stupidity is same kind with dishonesty, just its job is different.


Endorsemen (Endorsement)

“Nurel Javissyarqi adalah lokomotif sekaligus puncak gunung es. Seperti kesehariannya yang karib dengan mengepulkan asap, dengan tulisan pun demikian. Tulisan yang dimunculkannya ibarat asap lokomotif, aktif reaktif dan mengarah pada sasaran tertentu. Sebagai puncak gunung es, tulisan yang sudah dimunculkannya, barulah sebagian yang tampak, karena di dasarnya masih banyak bongkahan es lain yang siap untuk dipantik.” (Siwi Dwi Saputra, penulis).

“Nurel Javissyarqi is a locomotive while also being the tip of an iceberg. In his daily life as a locomotive, he isn’t alien to clouds of smoke, so is his work as a writer. His writings are like the smoke, always reactive and always has a meaning, a target in which he strikes precisely with his writings. As the tip of an iceberg, you will only scratch the surface of his writings, as there’s a whole more ice left to be discovered underneath. Unseen, but with meaning that would even strike fear to the largest of ships.” (Siwi Dwi Saputra, author).


Biografi Nurel Javissyarqi

Nurel Javissyarqi, lahir di desa Kendal-Kemlagi, Karanggeneng, Lamongan, 8 Maret 1976, dengan nama lahir Nur Laili Rahmat. Sejak kecil senang mendengar dongeng, terutama kisah Kuda Sembrani yang dituturkan buyutnya, Kasipah (almarhum) di dusun Kemlagi. Abahnya (pensiunan) Pengawas Pendidikan Agama Islam, Drs. H. Tarsan, emaknya Hj. Siti Khotijah berdagang di Pasar Pahing Sungelebak. Ia anak pertama dari empat bersaudara, adik-adiknya: Ismiyati Mukarromah, Iftitahur Rohmah, Arif Setiawan. Ia dikaruniahi empat anak: Ahmad Syauqillah, dari istrinya yang pertama (ia bercerai dengan Isti Anisa’), lalu menikah kembali dengan maskawin sebuah puisi, bertitel “Sajak Maskawinku Demi Lathifa Akmaliyah,” lantas dikaruniahi anak bernama Ichsa Chusnul Chotimah, Wislawa Dewi, Javissyarqi Muhammada, dari istrinya Lathifa Akmaliyah M.Pd. Bersamanya, tinggal di dusun Pilang, Tejoasri, Laren, Lamongan, Jawa Timur, pulau terpencil yang dikelilingi aliran Bengawan Solo, setengahnya lingkaran (sebelah utara) aktif arusnya, setengahnya lagi (sisi selatan) sudah tidak bergejolak.

Awalnya ingin jadi pelukis dari kegemaran menggambar sejak belia. Saat di bangku Ibtidaiyah, siangnya diisi menggembala, dimasa sekolah Madrasah Tsanawiyah, sorenya masuk di Sanggar Alam, diasuh pelukis Tarmuzie 1989. Ia sempat berpameran lukisan tahun 1990, 1991, (vakum lama, berpameran lukis lagi ditahun 2001 di Yogyakarta, dan Lamongan). Tahun 1993 hijrah ke Jombang masuk Aliyah Negeri 4, tepatnya 1994 belajar menulis secara autodidak oleh hasratnya melukis tidak tersalurkan di Pesantren Al-Aziziyah, Denanyar, pengasuh K.H.A. Aziz Masyhuri (almarhum), seorang penulis, penyunting, dan penerjemah kitab-kitab Arab klasik. Tahun 1995 akhir, mengembara ke Yogyakarta, di bidang lukis pernah dibimbing H. Harjiman (almarhum), dalam dunia kepenulisan, nyantrik kepada K.R.T. R.P.A. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo (almarhum), disamping bergabung di Komunitas Sastra Mangkubumen (KSM). Ia jebolan kampus UWMY. Sempat di Santren Darussalam, Watucongol, Muntilan, Magelang, dan di Pesantren Kyai Ageng Muhammad Besyari, Tegalsari, Jetis, Ponorogo (menapak tilas Pujangga R.Ng. Ronggowarsito). Tulisannya, sempat tersebar di Solo Pos, Minggu pagi, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Bernas, Pos Kita, Majalah Kuntum, Majalah MPA, Duta Masyarakat, Republika, Lampung Post, dst. Antologi bersamanya, Embun Tajalli (DKY 2000, bernama samaran Nurla Gautama), Gemuruh Ruh (antologi puisi bersama para penyair Lamongan, PuJa 2008), dll.

Buku-buku stensilan maupun cetakannya: Sarang Ruh (antologi puisi dikomentari Suminto A. Sayuti, dipengantari R.P.A. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo, 1999), Balada-balada Takdir Terlalu Dini (pengantar K.R.T. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo, FKKH, 2001), Ujaran-ujaran Hidup Sang Pujangga (kumpulan aforisma dari tahun 1994-2004, diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris oleh Mrs. Enda Menzies, Welly Kuswanto, dan Agus B. Harianto 2004), Segenggam Debu di Langit (segugusan esai dan puisi, 2004), Sayap-sayap Sembrani (kumpulan prosa serta haiku, 2004), Kulya dalam Relung Filsafat (himpunan kata-kata mutiara, Bercermin pada Kalender Kearifan Leo Tolstoy 2004), Kumpulan Cahaya Rasa Ardhana (bersusunan prosa dan esai, 2005), Batas Pasir Nadi (rangkaian puisi dan esai, 2005), Trilogi Kesadaran (esai kritik; Kajian Budaya Semi, Anatomi Kesadaran, dan Ras Pemberontak, PuJa 2006), Kitab Para Malaikat (antologi puisi dipengantari Maman S. Mahayana, PuJa 2007), Menggugat Tanggung Jawab Kepenyairan Sutardji Calzoum Bachri (buku esai kritik, terbitan SastraNesia dan PuJa, 2011), Membongkar Mitos Kesusastraan Indonesia, esai kritik sastra, diterbitkan Arti Bumi Intaran dan PUstaka puJAngga 2017, Cetakan ke 2, juga bekerjasama Sekolah Literasi Gratis (SLG) STKIP PGRI Ponorogo 2018, Proses Kreatif Saya Bersama Pelukis Tarmuzie, Penerbit PuJa, dan Pustaka Ilalang Group, 2019, dll.

Tahun 2000, mendirikan Komunitas Sastrawan Tugu Indonesia (KSTI) di Jogjakarta, lantas mendeklarasikan Lingkar Seni Budaya Muslim Indonesia, dan menjabat sekjen pada Forum Kajian Kebudayaan Hindis. Dan bersama Y. Wibowo sebagai pengkaji di Center For Social Democratic Studies (SCDS) Yogyakarta. Di tanggal 11 Juni 2001, puisi baladanya Di Bukit Pasir Prahara, dipanggungkan di Taman Budaya Surakarta, diiringi musik gamelan serta tari dibantu Komunitas Lapen 151 Yogyakarta. Naskah Teaternya dipentaskan di UNEJ dan IAIN Surabaya, dibulan Juli 2007, bertitel “ZAITUN; Cahaya di atas cahaya,” disutradarai Tomtom (almarhum, Teater Tiang Jember). Sempat mendirikan Majalah Gerbang Massa, Jurnal Sastra Timur Jauh, Jurnal Kebudayaan The Sandour, Forum Sastra Lamongan, bergabung di Kostela. Sering memberi pengantar buku lain, mengisi acara diskusi, seminar, menjadi juri lomba baca-tulis puisi, dan mengikuti festival sastra Nasional pun Internasional di dalam negeri. Pemimpin Penerbit PUstaka puJAngga (PuJa) dan pengelola web


Biography of Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Muhammad Muhibbuddin

Nurel Javissyarqi is an assumed (pen) name of Nur Laili Rahmat. He was born at a village of Kendal-Kemlagi, Karanggeneng, Lamongan regency, East Java province, on March, 8th 1976. Since childhood, Nurel, used to be called, has liked to listen to fairy tale, especially a story of A Sembrani Horse (Kuda Sembrani) told by his great grand-father, Kasipah, at his village, Kemlagi. His father, Drs. H. Tarsan is a former of Supervisor of Islamic Education (Pengawas Pendidikan Agama Islam), and his mother, Hj. Siti Khotijah is a merchant in a traditional market, Pahing Market at Sungelebak. Nurel is the first of four children in his family. He has two young sisters: Ismiyati Mukarromah and Iftitahur Rohmah, as well as one young brother: Arif Setiawan.

Nurel got married twice. His first married with a women, Isti Anisa, got divorced. From the first marriage Nurel has a son, namely Ahmad Syauqillah. In the wake of one year of being a widower, he got marriage again with a woman named Lathifa Akmaliyah and has three children: Ichsa Chusnul Chotimah,Wislawa Dewi, Javissyarqi Muhammada. He married Lathifa Akmaliyah by offering a poem entitled, “My Poem of Dowry for Lathifa Akmaliyah” as his bride price. Nurel and his new wife as well as their kids stay at a village of Pilang, Tejoasri, Laren, Lamongan, a little land which is surrounded by Solo River (Bengawan Solo) of which a half of flow (in north) is still turbulent and the half of one (in south) is calm.

Initially Nurel dreamed to be a painter. Painting was his childhood hoby. When he was at elementary school, his activity was herding some goats after going home from his school. In 1989, when Nurel was at yunior high school, he started to join to Sanggar Alam, a painting community, for studying of painting under Tarmuzie’s guidance, a famous painter in Lamongan. In 1990, he once conducted a exhibition of painting, and in the long time he had vacuum, afterwards he handled exhibition of painting again at Yogyakarta and Lamongan in 2001.

In 1993, Nurel moved to Jombang, East Java, for studying in State Islamic Senior High School 4 (MAN 4) and Pondok Pesantren Denanyar led by K.H. A. Masyhuri, an ulema (kiai), writer, and translator of classical books of Islam. In this Pesantren Nurel began to learn writing as a substitute for his passion of painting that he could not express in his pesantren. The last 1995, Nurel went to Yogyakarta for studying at Widya Mataram University. At this city, he developed his talent in writing and painting by learning to some teachers including to H. Harjiman (a painter) and to K.R.T .R.PA. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo (a writer). Besides that, he also joined to Mangkubumen Literary Community (Komunitas Sastra Mangkubumen).

Afterwards, Nurel left university and once studied shortly at Pondok Pesantren Darussalam, Watucongol, Muntilan, Magelang, Central Java and Pesantren Kiai Ageng Muhammad Besyari, Tegalsari, Jetis, Ponorogo, East Java. His purpose of studying at Pondok Pesantren Kiai Khasan Besari, Ponorogo, was for retracing a great Javanis poet, R. Ng. Ronggowarsito.

A lot of Nurel’s articles were published either in local or national media such as Solo Pos, Minggu Pagi, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Bernas, Pos Kota, Majalah Kuntum, Majalah MPA, Duta Masyarakat, Republika, Lampung Post etc. He also published some joint anthology books of poetry like The Dew of Tajalli (Embun Tajalli) (DKY, 2000) by using a assumed name Nurla Gautama, The Rumble of Spirit (Gemuruh Roh), a joint anthology of poems of Lamongan poets (PuJa, 2008), etc.

He wrote and published a lot of books either for poetry or essay, such as The Spirit Nest (Sarang Ruh), an anthology of poems with a commentary from Suminto A. Sayuti and an introduction from R.P.A. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo, Ballads of Too Early Fate (Balada-balada Takdir Terlalu Dini) with an introduction from K.R.T. Suryanto Sastroatmodjo, The Poet’s Words of Life (Ujaran-ujaran Hidup Sang Pujangga), a book of 1994-2004 aphorisms and it was translated to English by Mrs. Enda Menzies, Welly Kuswanto and Agus B. Harianto in 2004, Handful of Dust in The Sky (Segenggam Debu di Langit), a book of poetry and essay, The Wings of Sembrani (Sayap-sayap Sembrani), a book of prose, Kulya in the Niche of Philosophjy (Kulya dalam Relung Filsafat), a set of aphorisms inspired by Leo Tolstoy. A Set of Light of Rasa Ardhana (Kumpulan Cahaya Rasa Ardhana), a book of prose and essay. The Border of Sand Pulse (Batas Pasir Nadi) a set of poetries and essays. Trilogy of Awareness: Crtical Essay, Semi-Culture Study, Anatomy of Awareness and Rebellion Race (Trilogi Kesadaran: Esai Kritik, Kajian Budaya-Semi, Anatomi Kesadaran dan Ras Pemberontak). (PuJa, 2006), The Book of Angels (Kitab Para Malaikat), a book of poetry with an introduction from Maman S. Mahayana (PuJa, 2007), Criticizing of Sutardji Calzoum Bachri’s Literary Responsibility, a Critical Essay (SastraNesia and PuJa, 2011), Deconstructing of Indonesian Literary Myth (Membongkar Mitos Kesusastraan Indonesia), a Literary Criticism (Arti Bumi Intaran and PUstaka puJAngga, 2017) The second edition of this book was published by cooperating with Sekolah Literasi Gratis (SLG) STKIP PGRI Ponorogo, 2018; My Creative Process with Tarmuzie, a Painter (Proses Kreatif Saya Bersama Pelukis Tarmuzie) (PuJa and Pustaka Ilalang Group, 2019), etc.

In 2000 Nurel with his friends founded Indonesian Tugu Poets Community (Komunitas Sastrawan Tugu Indonesia / KSTI) at Yogyakarta. After that, he also declared Indonesian Moslem Art and Culture Circle (Lingkar Seni dan Budaya Muslim Indonesia) and he was also pointed to be a General Secretary of Forum for Hindis Cultural Studies (Forum Kajian Kebudayaan Hindis). Besides that, he and Y. Wibowo served as researcher in Center for Social Democratic Studies (SCDS) . On June, 11th 2001, his ballad book of poetry entitled, On Tempest Sand Hill (Di Atas Bukti Pasir Prahara) was staged in Taman Budaya Surakarta, with an accompanist of Gamelan music and dancing from Lapen Community 151 Yogyakarta. His theatre script, entitled, ZAITUN: Light of the Lights, was also staged in Jember Satate University (UNEJ) and in State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Surabaya on July 2007. This perform was directed by Tomtom from Tiang Jember Theatre.

Furthermore, Nurel once established a magazine, “Gerbang Massa”; Long East Literature Journal; a Cultural Journal, “The Sandour”; Lamongan Literary Forum, and joined to Kostela besides. Nurel often provides an introduction for some of books from other writters, and he often becomes a speaker in discussion or seminars forums, a jury for competition of poetry- writing and reading. Moreover, Nurel also often participates in either national or international literary festival at Indonesia. At the present he is editor in chief for a publisher, PUstaka puJAngga.


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