Self Portrait Nurel Javissyarqi by Wawan Pinhole
Self Portrait Nurel Javissyarqi by Wawan Pinhole

Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto


This is extraordinary emotionality overflowing about life. Benediction fruit that must be thank goodness, to be run as working must quickly accelerate, ossify again delay in defense. I mention rebel race is, as an equal from nature of softening which always cut nimble steps when we run.

It is great enthusiasm has to be exploded except wishing of coming ulcerate more hard. The ulcer is not balmy cessation also very painful. Hence, welcome it before the coming of pain attack. We are existed as we are, and keep exist in all human era and history. Without us the world would be expressionless, senile, sluggish, palsied, moreover if added by rhythm weaken the soul, of the basis of barren values.

Let us smooth answer, because only us whom can answer blocked problem, by have been given overflows special capability above them which shy to struggle. These feet are soldier steps ignore day and night, whether coarse grasses even also thorns menace. All becoming softened when knew its situation. So, grabs map, we formulate it to excellent race. There is dots must be mastered over there, all would be understood if immediately bolt from chair. Exploits all sense of feeling for the shake of feeling out, we disperse anaesthetize to disarm account of desire ambition, because it is intruder.

We do not differentiate husk color or the original tribe, of one nation, trough see each face in bevy, of course ready to recognize, differentiating. We most very bright and become attraction of unconvinced people. We remove altogether whom merely selling cutting blankly. We are the self, not a group of freeman (wild guys) without calculation, more than anything that as threaten of low values.

Let’s go up higher, with height we can muster strength, our wings flung out, young strength is really is conducting our blood. Ever flare up in whole situation, continue to become the first and the beginner in every research. We are the beginning and the final show on earth. Without us the world would becomes very empty and zero.

Do not allow our children become blind of letter value; this is our others race mistaken in the past, in wartime was happening; look for who was that. We should be foxier from coward children or looser. Our blood has been promised of victory, if really be patient and unshakeable in fighting for principle. Also necessary to calculate breath attraction, in order the breathing out to be not useless in the middle of encounter.

Solid order in such a way like that is result of billow overflowing. Sticking in faith deeply, in order the excellent race does not to be missed to become accounted. Because of it, don’t walk to retreat, better sailed aside if high wind endangers the soul. Keeps aim to the believed, to be dreamed of to muster strength of rebel races.

The rain is our friend, the thundering of storm thunder and flaring spirit out of our natural existences since receptacle of discourse news. So that continues to join all element if do not want to be thrown away. At that time shall no longer hold our race, started blood, rebelled blood. Our flip-flop situation shall no longer curious, moreover creates conundrum bewilder.

We bring openness of fighting for all. Opened and always open our self, by that we can observe farther masks are used by all cowards. We remove it one by one in order not to confuse conference atmosphere, a big meeting that discuss struggle of our race on earth.

Let them call us as a herd of robber, bugger or anything does not make a sense to hear. But it is of course we believe; the feeling says so, soon and also at the time is vibrating fear by our emotionality that keep culminating to the highest mount. We don’t need to stick flag on a height, but embed the sign in each our lines in all aspects of struggling.

If flies the victory flag or any kind of, account person shall sonly find out, though they hesitate and fear if immediately to there, to us. In consequence, learn psychological of all accounting persons carefully, we choose to become shares if ever will follow big history procession that we have been waiting, and already have, also are running at this time.

Our ancestors is the history creators in their glorious life age, have never gone out from ascetics cave. Let us learn the whole of science, moreover deeply learn as matter of period lesson, and continues to be deepened in order to be really in red circle of bravery, the race of rebel. Our ancestors are discoverer the rule of life on the blessed earth, our power. When trusted, use it as maximum, promise must be kept. Doesn’t the trust for us is copious treasure?

Even also have to dare to scrape ulcer, by that we know how deep and stupid our selves. Again, our race is the race of openness, open wide door from all levels in searching the essence for the shake of research more glorious and noble. Which is doing we learn deeply in every period, does not care do this stomach is loaded or hungry. When the overflowing keeps told-willed and statement transform children of we must take care of, because with that our race gain stronger.

Require to be underscored; we throw away insignificant ritual, the time merely placing forward face. If continuing to go forward shall immediately meet other brothers and sisters. Our ancestors are all perpetrators that were able to stripe the history. And no need to create new matter except more benefit and has the most quality. Do the command, because our energy was come and return. We don’t need to arrogate as heir of the world, of course you know, how far we struggle for our race, firm rebel race of principle, belief in God.

Indeed be paid attention, should be assiduous learn our accident (failure) – stupidity, such matter too much pursue the struggling. Let us keeps teaching to the children, about the struggling of class between our race and poor-spirited race. Paying attention also, don’t take child of clan of coward, because poor-spirited blood is very fatal, can destroy our clan become lowest grade of blood if mixed with his.

We should give more caring to our generation, whom will go out from island, because the truth is our great-grandparents are explorers. We are not colonist or grinder of other race. We have the law; who struggle of course shall get grace. All cowards pout at us, cause can not execute their spiritual commands, the blood emits a stream of in his body is not the blood of rebel or discoverer; it is not blood of struggle that we feel its stream in any time.

Longing to the lord that must be fought for, our respectable ancestors. All prominent civilization, the all heart’s lighter become people manual of whole thanks of struggling that overflowed granted by God. We bounce voluptuous Javanese songs, struggling does not run dry on heart’s hymn moving entire radiation of life. Step at all direction continuing to be warbled, struggling with entire echoing singing to corners of real feeling, mankind heart and soul. That is our destination, creates the world with feeling of rebel of weak principle, by nature of flabby animal in the soul.

Generations and Redeemer

At part of preface we started to know from maintained small things, to be looked after with fastness of billow, of keen obstinacy and continue till named as goal, properly to be fought for. From the light burden that they do not reckon, we start this launching.

This is benediction of durability of spiritual eye that can take the neglected of them, assuming dull or too madness to us, because the time sees us in proceeding. Temporary has no more exist when we have gone up heavily, because their breaths have used up at the midway. Hence, exhalation order should be really paid attention, in order not to follow to be fallen down at midway by underestimated. Quality does not underestimate the others, except really designated that they really poor-spirited.

Of course you know how to awaken soul, when it is dozing to be persuaded by the seducer, by reading respectable ancestors biography. This is not studying but how to continuing to hearten, no extinct moments before the spirit leave body.

Our bases is trust belief given by God, that’s soul billow for redeemer of mistaken of history made by cunning clan, which take attention of history with the matter bewilder soul of peacefulness, does not bring benefit besides dogma without atmosphere of beautiful instruction. Our evocations, the race of rebel inhabiting the earth have seriousness, buoyant of learning deeply.

The conviction is to invite all class to struggle, if accepting to become respectable heir, rebel blood of settled condition harm, we gnaw at all National Debt maker whom galore of stupidity. Rebel blood knows how to live on, in order there is not the times to create room to mooch contribution especially owe. Cause have redeemed it by continuous laboriously. And we mean submission dynamically, dissatisfy on the situation except the infinite profuse cessation matter or death. We tap the thing make us dawdle; keep going forward to spill struggle billow of our race.

Don’t you have read books of our class? Fighting for prestige of humanity with its grade of should be, do not differentiate husk color or faction, or even any kind of science. We are the one who responsibility on underwriter pennons among the doubt of fear or feel guilty because do not want to step the feet of fussy old people. We stand up to realize extraordinary idea pyramid.

We do not create ivory tower or horrible idol which merely hypnotizing passer by, but we keep attacking alike high wind makes vehicle of change of discourse climate. We are the way of change have, vehicle with it but not the children of change. We are controller of the change, taking passed energies to continue to attacking till coast of peaceful, the race blessed by sweat of fighting.

Of course we realize, impossible to killing- stabbing each other, even which is other psychological. Be aware if each other is assassinating to attack, prosperity and take place race would be immediately finished. Didn’t we need to work together, cymbal the big working to make millennium to our psychological. But, doesn’t mean together if there is no the importance matter. So, my brother of the rebel race, surely will meet if persistent to fight for confidence which always take care of single psychological of so called as intention, sonly see in glorious aura, the highest billow after storm of mistaken.

We are realize, our strength is frequently broken by the nature. Ally, utilizing the body of nature become shields, sticking obstinate grove for the shake of house walls. We are not a group of promiscuously forest hewer, we take care of nature, altogether with all kind of animal, and hence the natural of fighting remains to be kept. It is possible to take benefit from taking care of possibility at its surface and its depth, makes the energy keep billowing?

Process determines this self seriously to be the race of rebel or not. Don’t desist at three or crossroad. Because that is the path of which can make us eliminated when are weakening at taking the way of struggling. If will desist, enter cave of stillness that most quiet, to return to truth essence, from early as benediction mankind.

Once more, don’t desist in the midway, will lose your principle, and have no more glamour before other you also weak people. Don’t be mortified by own strategy/ step, keep going forward and so on. This is valuable opportunity; soul, leeway, health, properties. I do not mention that occupation is strength, if not melt his self to be our race, rebelling.

And reciprocate inexperienced indecisive humanity love, because in the essence he/ she have the militant spirit, just with once draw can run thousands of miles. Of course we can differentiate indecisive people for fear of, or be shy at dark predecessor, with doubt because nature of is natural of rebellion not yet opened.

We are obliged to open weak faucets, so that its stream become more rapidly, by that the strength of the race progressively copious, its energy does not detect except by other’s egoism, attention of step gone through. Use the change of period of skewers of sun motion, with that understanding shall no longer in space-time framework, we stimulate all movement patterns, so that melt because we are the body of the change, brightness wind, sovereign of affection seriousness of love.

Environmental understanding require to be discussed deeper, with that will not be mastered by the change. But before melting space-time, we have to be brooding devil, learn assiduous of symptom in order not to be completely fooled if knowing the change of the body or creative process that so tempestuous climb up. Doesn’t often feel efficacy, with that don’t continue to be doze deceit sweep away our self, we must beware of to translate psychologically of result, needn’t hesitate to revise bad souls for the shake of bollard well established also hard to defeat.

Justly assume that performance is merely sweet that immediately used up in the middle of the way when munching. Explicitly enjoy finishing till does not tempted again similarly. The renewal is motioned, treatment of sector we observe to be interesting in additional energy. And even also must paid attention, even given abundant power should be take care of it. Not our group which measure up to look down to, even to the little problem. I affirm, do not ever discus with the owning poor-spirited souls, that our race archenemy.

This is part of generation- redeemer, because there are our great-grandparents had unfinished laboring not any cause, just their ages was taken by the infinite. He/ she was not spoiled human of environment, did not stay without working to hypnotized kidungan which we assume as an eeriness. Sissy, desperate are the matter that should be studied so that the soul does not step into inmost crevasse. Just once happened will be addictive, as we see at sissy people keep whimper in armpit of the master or inpassed the dear mother.

The whole matter I already explain above, for the shake of blossoming as continuously renewal that we must improve. Will not desist even age have old, because the essence of weakness is our unserious effort, except the infinite disarm the overflows capability, when the old age creeps the body, but our psychological ought to keep billows. This is prize for our race, the race of rebel. Hopefully we can study higher also deeper, standing equally with our esquire ancestors.

Play in Seriousness

Of course you know how the game of our tradition, throwing small pebble to fool the enemies. We draw up the covering ground with a group of big energy, because later we create the work of attempting. Progressively understand experience of battle, adds understanding situation of battlefield.

Use the double souls of seriousness, shamelessness and also use indefatigable energy, keeps pursuing the smiling one look down to above water bed. We are children of river side outside of fence, marginalized, but not that then we drifted by meeting of current. Don’t you trust, we are the ambassador of the change. With beyond the fence can play at as delicious as, so harmoniously we could be. Let them brought by the current of period, of course we can find out how far enemies run.

They will not know when we create to explode beside ear in front of eyes of public. Predict explosion less big or meaningless, of course we needn’t lose face, and muster again the energy to create more than previously. With always observes the enemies, gaps how to fiddle around with our game, on their field or is ill defined of its time.

For the one understand the essence of our times, only our faction and they do not understand when we create and exploding it, because they are occupied by their game. This must be exploited, attractive mass as much as possible from our circle, and then creep at suburban. After the mass of level of under grade have come to federation, do not have to visit again, but of course they immediately visit our podium that huddle mass.

And also don’t let infiltrator come to confusing the podium, even nor dare to. We don’t be reluctant to judge troublemaker on stage, because what developed is ours, comes from emotionality of working. If estimating they wish to enter the circle and follow direction, we give opened road. And much longer bonfire circle is wider, continues bigger, hence better create circle again at metropolis, with that can more have double breath, if in a period they aspiring to put to rout us.

Trough some circles we made, our race elements, increasing longer progressively do not be disregarded, becoming big threat which fold hands see us cynically. We know our dirt is impossible to step into elite rooms, because blocked by thick glasses. But didn’t they surely go out to take the air? The way home? And see our circle more and more bigly, and that more and more.

We are real mass because our trajectory always on taking the air, our mass have known how far do step with the confidence. We show as far as accuracy win from their mass a small part of is ill defined, which they herald during this time merely name did not have clarity of principle. We create institutes of contest which do not fail with them. Our fund comes from sweat really. What does not seriously is not our race. We leave from taking the air does not seen, then seem out with dirt of endless life journey.

Of course you know, the dirt always under, once float to hit their sight. That’s us, and then creates another possibility, something does not be reckoned, but we always calculate this step with mature teaching. On that account, should know the changes. With natural strength, we could live everlasting and they whom hit by the wave of the change fall down under the feet, by same kind of them who does not have emotionally of friendship. We still under there, of course know how dirt float to eyelids, that’s the time to take over the time. And big cards are still safe in our hand grasp.

Occasionally don’t assume game is finish, we must be brooding on arrival of their halfhearted children. Once again, measuring up to coward, unsatisfied to ever witness efficacy of our seriousness. Empirically they also, we get science how spanning wings, widening the power as maximally it could, so that this claws are really embed in our respectable children’s heart, rather than stroke the wrong way.

Here present the seriousness have opera also at the same time propaganda. Require to be paid attention, at left and right side still upstanding the enemies. Take care of the aware, don’t be fall down because recalling glint of struggling. Don’t follow the way of forgetting traces of life. Experience is the wisest teacher, settling our selves to show obstinacy become keen stiletto in every moment. We are the waiter at the same time waited by the change.

Even our efficacy is higher of its value because leave from below, but needn’t pass off party, of course we understood in tradition; there is no party for our children. Our parties coalesce with nature, guiding or children to become strong and heroic hands. For us, party is education. Enough for children requirement with discourse that we have done, that’s real news.

Do not ever dance at their dressy neighborhood especially likely. We are wandering human being readily engulf arrogant people in front of the public. We give lesson to the enemies, not merely them which can go up escalator, because that amenity matter. But trying to see do they ready to take a ride wood doorstep? I look at them fear taking a ride it; moreover take the air on ride side of night of thirteen.

Our excess does not shame at encumbered by result. Efficacy for our tradition is clearly from lesson of period, only thumbs-up, smile definitive beloved lose. Like sweet which we shatter with teeth execute endowed with broken roof-tile of great-grandparents. Does not assume efficacy if not entire class follow our teeth dance, the dance of rebel that bumping settled condition to create gathering of malefactor blood.

And must keep strengthen the line, even some of us have already neither onstage of performance / exhibition, because our existing race- feeling nor will deliver off hand domicile without we try in really way, and also ought to exceed the predecessors.


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