Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

Ah, how happy they would worship my fire!
But I do not want ear of the present day.
I am the voice of poet of future world.
Because my epoch have never comprehended my intention. (Iqbal, Personal Secret).

Over there, I see what a pitty of a poet which likely failing to voice his conscience, in his age arena to obtain a period of bearing his masterpieces. Such kind of despondent which save expectation, don’t know perforated dream or the hanging of cloud which shy at to degrade the rain. When the life requires a draught of water as evicted of thirst in the middle of wandering.

Seem clearly that the poet cann’t string up the words, vomiting his soul’s content into sheets of masterpiece, besides after copulate the experience of his life. His lonely is not thirst without usefull, similar like halfhearted expectancy. But really that struggle bearing it, even looks not much, when he still breath in air – soul.

The poet pours the words, passing consideration of the energy of save, for the shake of period of future– most important, because wouldn’t finish of the time to mean his ambition. Because that’s failure of life spans, silence at moment of experience all his day long, is not without reason does not have a meaning of plenaryly. But this is the way must be gone through, if wishing eternity of his life story to be recalled all the time, as far as his words to be really confidence of struggling.

While Incoming would like to chew it, munching his age for the shake of words concevutive of developed continuity values. As if the dew always decorates dawn eye, so deeply of mankind heart, when imbibes value nuances is attended by the poet in each his nights, which fully of musing.

At his day, saw poet buttonhole of the poet alike loiterer without employee, in a short way he was like useless, and surely for people. But doesn’t the meaning of falling in the end of sentence, event sprout. And that feeling animate his sentence, attend to be more real, when have not encumbered by transient physic.

A poet execute soldier which always train his spiritual agility, when the time calls him, he attend fully egoism/ prepared, to manifest his soul similar like single sentence, which is sultry his self for the shake of to be always studied later on. This is benefit, more than a reality of working, because have transformed energy of movement. When phrased sentences by the poet are flying upward, then comes the spirit of dwelled of the sentence like embers saved fire, once breeze to fire up spatter of struggle.

Who could comprehend his intention? The poet is phrase the hidden when still breathe in space-time age which is running. His ambition is really repeatedly flys upward without shadow. Don’t we realize, arrow has no ear, but which is whirring in the ear. His eyes flys upward into the future, namely gone to target intended. And the executing travelled distance from breaths gathering which is devoted to be, taken care of to pass natural existence to feel. So that in motion fold represent pure awareness, this farther than parade of awareness, execute prod gleam strike to, as soon as the light penetrates air spreadth of creation.

Only in poet chest.
Beauty and screen of shroud will be open
( Iqbal, Order To All Islam man of letters).

Great hitch from the beauty comes from mildness of feeling opening the screen, show up the entire life secret to marvellous surface. Admiration is divided two; bringing death of an ambition because inhaled to the admired ones. And the second; admiration which progressively improve a working, meaning with the feeling of whew, that attend by it self as truth noiselessly. And I place the beauty attends from a silence of a personality, like greeting from one we do not recognize chummily yet, where tolerance has its position as secret of feeling.

Trough this mildness of feeling is screen start openly, break trough the slots of grate serve of a sentence silence of the poet. As Iqbal also says in other sheet, “Enthusiasm of creation he steal from your spirit.” Here, he occupies his life values, for example, meaning of future. The face addressed this time meet to same whittle in other banquet time and place.

But doesn’t delegation of the character is the area where the poet takes enthusiasm. Research results of contiguity that inviting thousands of questions of silence. And, the visible suspicion is in a time return to become confidence, when periods left by. Because, the human being could not stay in silence without the wing of greeting. Hence, even the suspicion attends, longing remains to arise, when really in peacefulness, namely time benediction pass its period. This is anxious that attending the yearning because the feeling wish to be partaken. Though meaning of longing and worried still sunless on the light of certainty, situation of period to ask for quota to be meant as place to work.

Even always stepped on, grasses have never totally disappeared.
And multiply stroking of lethal sleepness of eye
(Iqbal, Denial To Personality).

However, their ignorance to the silence, grasses linger and they cannot differentiate the meaning of grasses upstanding with the broken ones because of shoe step. Clearly is we earn plucking it, it stays alive totally won’t disappeared even by floods of untrust or drought of power finish it, in someday of course return to be full of freshness of free soul. It is really of ithe grasses to be indeed to its life, have ready to be powerless to shade to human being, but some animals very requiring it.

This is the properties of soul taken trough hump our selves, for the shake of munching silence and sleepy custodian creature or the quiet grasses ever straighten at the fresh night. And the wind whispers kidungan of picturesque to the ear of nights, while the human being would not listen to that hymn, besides the one capable to open screen like the hump of grasses present the dew. The attended dew on sleepy eyes are custodian of heart which have no prejudice to get out of awareness of leaves, until tongue of the sun sipping it back.


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