Written by Nurel Javissyarqi
Translated by Agus B. Harianto

“To be exist, we do not only getting place quota. We also have span of time which have been specified.” (Jostein Gaarder).

However, the world is created trough levying, for example, to begin billowed article. All which are unfolding later, in the reality are not a deeply sediment, nor from long in line of explanation. Sometime the whole thing suddenly hop from mind-feeling which have time to be woke up, what does not ready to follow its circulation movement. All aim to the current of don’t know named as to be exist, or illogical. Clearly, the sudden addition is about there is no a degradation of deep storey. Dance have never been planned, flying upward and rotate together with the wind boost up leaves of expectation, going to higher distance without calculation. Except the same occurrence, can assess back to the one what woke up.

If precipitated logically of initial idea, also known that can be calculated through logical reasoning. Don’t entirely are tread on feet of working reality, or in the reality the truth of public oftentimes does not be used, by what in fact gives fair promise of. In other side, illogical levying is a kind make daydreaming to logical surface. If until the time is precisely, the room which disperse unfold of to be exist, transforming bunch of nowadays. Or an initially is secret, shall no longer closed if have poured out. Farther, falsehood which continues to develop medium of freshmen, someday would become determinant reality, even shall no longer be trusted.

Even also trust does not emerge solely as faith, sometimes also leave from habit. Precisely, can realize falsehood becomes acceptable of action of condonation. But, ought to continue good matter, vanishing falsehood to be changed by the reality of truth. Discomfiting joking planning which undoubtedly wait castaway. This is a big job, developing mission of continuation farther than gives benefit, than general understanding that was not pricesely before.

Doesn’t have the masterpiece is effort of levying from previously? Even sometimes is same with the old ones, but the size of levying measure of course differ from reality of its departure. Energy of to be exist is developing another world that previously doesn’t be created yet, used logic is a kind of the forecast as future eyewitness. It occupies the self that always be exist, and be able to the place performing an existence of truth, rather than justification activity.

Levying attend to have, capital properties of soul onto the aggresive of analyze reality become masterpiece natural existences. That increase firmly accepted if its expression melts space-time of past- present, and also which is doing. This requires many experience, transferring logic data of nowadays, included at reality of future without existence of Iameness. It is of course many constraint in improve existing reality color mixture, and which is longing.

Levying can be named as falsehood of reality forwards, if too far unfold softest logic of nowadays and do not be caught. But not liing the reality of nowadays with working from other side, release other data tying for the world from other side. Or, it is not the working close over the reality of nowadays with designated reality of reality. Brief boldness above comprehensibility, does not miss from yarn which is being pulled, keep hold that yarn from first dot aim to hereinafter, don’t miss to discharge the feeling.

The times that have been specified are spirit of emotionality allocates levying data. Develop to have time place, like giving a marked an employing. If we halfhearted smile is too coquetish, will result that hand in glove braid escape of dream which is developing. Hence traveling, and everybody witness you become host in their residency, step into friendliness room with. What depended, in the reality have matured to be plucked of expectation age.

This boldness is more voluptuous when the tree have old age, root of period of planted idea progressively embed in among ground idea of mankind. We are only asking for a few bit of opportunity dilution, sit a moment conduct from which they expect. Levying had space-time in ach its existence span. Soul breath mixed at jolting feeling of longing person of precisely time arrival, if estimating to require tembang. We perform a banquet of spiritual, souls fill the time of accurate circulation.

Breaths wish to be exist even also can be felt, as far as hunt and infiltrate to the heart have period, the remained generation have melted with the air of universe. Feel thanks felt in whole joint of coition of space-time which continue to be run by will of working reality. Levying become age continue to be referred to range of period in area which before now have never been predicted, because that last ambition is development, they discover their self in fullness of give. Hence better treat the soul with distance molten at the range of period beyond measure, for example, dusk which is not limited of sinking of the sun, they enjoy in different capacities.

Have to continue step, although utilized sentence shall no longger have a meaning of obviously, when the ways are passed by, they of course discover motion to give addition not merely many. There is lesson to discontinue story is early of a together dreaming at the tired moment, we lain down fatigue with old dreams. Here there no brooding hypnotic effort if ever step, even also can accept as desire that must be partaken. This is ambition to take care of the wanderer of time, performing the truth one is in personality frame. Repairment is conducted not dismissal of under cover intention from lacking of theory, more precisely heaps problem, so that growing to be accurate when dined.

Procession of levying as if does not be suspected of its coming, keeps accepts as properties of the soul to develop levying. Doesn’t mean to patch the matter less than humanity, but glands is continued to produce the self, becoming part of everybody can enjoy without feeling loss. And reathe deeper, inorder to know how far the levying passes the journey, nowadays is becoming the reality of together, performing the self which have losed. This is real existence, when without shame at to accept the levying that is lightening, even to be exist in every time of position which is insured.

Need to be underscored, this is not action of unsincere of show up, because the levying attend does not because of that desire, its integrity is mirrored at working without asking for. And coincidences attend the levying become ownership of more. Peaceful greeting for you that performing to levying of the world, as admission filling does not without effect. Development from which have already exist, the reality of history grasped on-the hand which initially no one knows except which long studying it in front of the self of to be existc. Hence celebrating awareness continues to be exist from which as real as exist. That is the way of destiny that is answered, which visible in every day of passed. Habit attends in front of us; oftentimes does not be paid attention as existing matter. This is the unfelt effort to perform a matter more than the way of reality which often passed.

Unloading the self to perform in front of the mirror, effort of criticism to discomfit the illusion levying, clearly obtain a lot that does not merely future, but also the reality. By it, we should reread of attendance of the self, in order existing awareness does not pass by quickly. From reread, attending the self in conference, judgement seems can disappear the levying. At the other hand, failure in the reality form a more realistic levying from a truth. From here we know, the former of sturdy levying of materials as real as of levying, each other sustaining to give cooperation braid meaning, to be exist of reality of attendance does not connected. No contrition form of to be exist, what does not connected and also abstractive even also form equality of exist, since from gibbosity of idea. The levying is true there is and ever there is.

Does not have to discharge time even one second, even attendance of to be exist is not being connected, by continued to do which is performing, formulation of passed desire to be translated as boatload, continuation of responsibility form. The Levying energy is working of independence, free the self of space-time shackle nowadays, to be flipped of tomorrow matter to be done nowadays. Will attend the self at the area of becoming, realizes to develop the self as high as we can, in concern go up to run the levying as the ownership. Its canal become the benefit of nowadays and also gets position of tomorrow because of the wisdom of levying. Properties of process harvest profit, when be partaken the levying of awareness reflects memory, with pure ownership, developed value with seriousness.

Furthermore, Jostein Gaarder said (in his novel The Orange Girl, that): “Old man often looked to be have time which is more than owner moppet entire life in front of him.” The levying since children, resembling like behaviour of daydreaming reaching adult. For example, children play the games, or sales with the stuff of frond of banana, manouver, plays from taking adult characters. The levying fully joy in filling period of playing, invited to long act, till find their self before done with age as proper as. Doesn’t mean the levying is unproper saleable, not also agglomerates the real world into a masterpiece. But on the contrary, rich which already exist, what not yet been found by limitation of natural existence, will discover fresh farther, open as wide as the possibility without feeling awry, because the world ahead becomes translator when the steps of levying.

When translate an event with a few meaning, at there the world is expanded. Result from approach distance gone through to become ownership psychologically, and knowledge leisure obtains function of broil take care of, equiping reality which already exist. Beyond precipice of unsincerity, because the levying lead honest in every active stroke, like bird create den to its children, as expectation dream executed. This is working of joy fill the air, dancing in every sweat poured oupt in the form of new idea which increase transparent, becoming period inundating creation natural existences. The levying is the world’s core of author holding reality. As Jostein Gaarden said: “Though I always easy to be brought to drift by my imagination, I am still a rational.”

The levying does not taking off natural existence working, but far claim the working very seriously unfold path of earth idea, this is umbrella of cloud degrading the rain of brightness. The deeply learn of natural existence have continuation is like train pass its railroad would not desist except at station of sediment, continued to continue step, think-feel which is carrying on, filling the period of waiting to the final of death. The levying fills life alcove, moves civilization. Overall of life’s procession from small to terminating, special pointed to munch the wisdom to disperse the seeds of meaning.

The levying make sufficient existing capital, doing benefit by sliming what we had for the shake of means of give dam increase to delay from accepted stream, precisely non exit then useless. The levying tighten belt, reading book in a measure, otherwise mean except giving colour. The levying demand efektive-efisien of working in benefit, and wheel of life rotation of functioning life does not enchain.

Similar levying revise analysis, so that what happened later, including at logic discussion which undoubtedly, fastening something that loosen as event of repairment, because the generated poison of to be exist sometimes emerge abundantly. By it must link the levying with required. And the levying gather logical items become richly of spiritual, so that when have matured in the psychological, someday later would born culminate like the matter which does not be suspected, transforming term of hidden properties.

June, 16, 2006 ###

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